Why you should stop comparing

A poem by Jessica Semaan

I compared my wealth

Until I felt poor

I compared my health

Until I felt ill

I compared my romances

Until I felt lonely

I compared my status

Until I felt worthless

Then I compared my heart

I looked across the five oceans and the seven continents

And yet I could not find a heart like mine

And just like that I stopped comparing

Because it is the seed of a lifetime of misery

Because it betrays you eventually

Because it is a senseless addiction

But most importantly, with your flesh, soul, heart and mind

You are like no other

And in this realization lies your gifts, your beauty and your joy

About the author: Born and raised in Lebanon, Jessica is the founder ofThe Passion Co.and Start Conference. Previously, she spent 4 years atAirbnb, building and scaling operations. She teaches at Stanford Design School, and resides in San Francisco. Stay in touch with her work by subscribing to her bi-weekly newsletter here.