Well written.
Chris High

Spot on in a lot of ways. The visceral reaction to the words “racist” and “bigot” has shut down a lot of conversation. I continue to shake my head that in many places, calling out racism is considered more impolite than actual racism, but that’s a topic for another day. The point is how we unite with fair-minded people who did vote for Trump to focus on the very real threats to our institutions…unless they’re discussing this behind the scenes, the GOP-led House and Senate are disconcertingly silent on what we see happening in this pre-inauguration phase. A Dem-led Congress would be a different story, but our famous checks & balances don’t seem to be working very well in this situation. Elected officials need to hear from us — from We, The People. I worry that the response from many Trump voters to this assumption means that, at least for now, they feel that any request to be critical about the President-elect is actually a direct attack on them. I don’t know how to surmount this.

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