Logical thinking errors

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Many people living in our current world today struggle to think rationally. There are three different thinking errors cause serious problems for human beings.

The first error in thinking that troubles many people is believing in an argument from authority that does not provide any evidence beyond his or her personhood. Many people believe that vaccines have the ability to give children autism, Donald Trump shared a story where a child of a friend received a vaccine later resulting in autism. When people heard the next idea they believed in Bigfoot, even more, a successful surgeon was walking through the woods and saw a big hairy creature, and he claimed for it to be Bigfoot. The Anniytiville horror house is said to be haunted; a priest was brought into the house to see if he felt any ghostly presence. When in the house the priest heard voices and felt pain after listening to this, people claim for the house to be haunted. Everyone believed that these are true stories because they are coming from well educated and highly respected people, despite the fact that they may or may not have any real evidence.

Another error in thinking that creates difficulties for many humans is false correlation. Many people correlate two different events with each other because they think that they each had an effect on each other. Like for example, many people believe that the Apollo Moon Mission was faked by the help of famous director Stanley Kubrick. In one of his movies, a boy is seen wearing a polo sweater which made people think that this was his way to get the idea out that he was the one who helped fake the landing. Another example of false correlation is that the McKenzie house is supposedly haunted. Once in the house the feeling of “dark energy” is present because many people claim to feel this energy they automatically assume for the house to be haunted. One more sad reason is that many people believe that something is horrible as the Holocaust was fate. The reason that the “Holocaust” has happened was that the Jews one of their state and this way it could happen. Many of these events did not occur for the reasons that people think they did.

A final error in thinking that causes many problems for people is underestimating chance in coincidence. People tend to set their mind to certain situations, and they won’t change their mind because what they believe they consider to be right. For instance, a little boy woke up at 3 AM because the bat hit the window, he went back to sleep and once he woke up that morning his mother had told him that his aunt had died at 3 AM that night. According to many ghost hunters and believers, the bat at the window was his dead aunt’s ghost, but there is no proof to prove that it was. Next tarot cards are used to predict the future when playing people think that the cards are magic because they apply to that person in their life. In reality, those cards are very generic and apply to anyone and their future. Lastly, people say that 9/11 was a planned attack because there is no way that a plane could crash through steel. But in reality, all the furniture that was inside the building had caught on fire heating up steel and softening it which allowed the plane to crash into the building. All of these events happened, and were not staged and happen to have happened by chance and coincidence.

Looking at the world without thinking critically can cause humans many problems, that is why it is important to take a chance and coincidence into consideration, except the fact of false correlation, and learn to check for proper evidence.

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