Why all Real Estate Agents Need Great Business Portraits

Photo by Tracy Wright Corvo

Scientifically, first impressions are crucial. According to a Princeton study, our brains decide whether a person is attractive and trustworthy within a tenth of a second. Talk about a snap judgement!

Both confidence and trustworthiness are highly important in real estate. It’s proven that people who are perceived as more trustworthy are more likely to succeed in business and rake in higher salaries. As for trustworthiness, the business of real estate definitely requires a high level of trust between a client and an agent. Since people make judgments about these personality traits so quickly, an agent MUST look on their game at all times.

With increasingly digital business interaction, your first impression on a potential client is most likely your business portrait. Potential clients will probably initially interact with you online, whether that be through your website, Zillow, email signature, or any of the other platforms you use to promote yourself. Even if they initially interact with you in real life, you will probably hand them a business card or brochure displaying your business portrait, and that photo will be what they take home.

Photo by Tracy Wright Corvo

Let’s say a potential client is scrolling through a list of agents on a real estate company’s website, attempting to choose who they’d like to have represent their property. Who do you think they would pick; The agent with the poorly lit, self-taken portrait? Or the agent with a professionally taken, well lit, and attractive portrait? As an agent, you need a business portrait that stands out and conveys professionalism.

Having a good business portrait shows that you’ve invested the time, energy, and money to present yourself well. Ultimately, the image people see of you reflects and represents how you run your business. As part of a real estate company, your business headshot also reflects the company’s professionalism.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential that your business headshot is done by a professional photographer. Tracy Wright Corvo is hands down the best headshot photographer on the island of Oahu. Tracy is a pro at capturing the essence of a person. Far from being just “A close up of your face,” headshots, says Tracy, are “A valuable communication tool used to express who you are and what you do.”

Tracy explains the importance of a business headshot and what she brings to the table in terms of portrait photography in her blog. “To me,” Tracy says, “Portrait photography is about so much more than just the technical skills of using a camera. As the photographer, I listen, I understand, and I communicate the cornerstone qualities that make up an individual’s unique personality and then translate those qualities through the lens of my camera.”

My headshot is done by Tracy and I couldn’t be happier with it. Personally, I’ve found that my headshot forces me to make sure I look presentable all the time. Because my headshot is readily available on my business card and website, I know that people expect a high level of professional dress, makeup, and attitude from me. Knowing that my headshot has made a positive impression motivates me to raise the bar in real life.

Photo by Tracy Wright Corvo

So, your headshot is supposed to make you look good, right? Yes, but it also has to look like YOU and most importantly, look like the CURRENT you! Maybe you really love that headshot from 10 years ago, but, hate to say it, you probably don’t look entirely like that any more. It’s important to keep your headshot updated periodically. If you don’t, it will seem like you’re embarrassed about how you look now or don’t care enough to keep your headshot up to date. Neither of those impressions will help you score the client.

It’s also a good idea to update your headshot along with any physical change, like a haircut or hair color change. I recently cut my hair short and have already called Tracy up saying “I need a new headshot, ASAP!”

Beyond being up to date and professional, a great business portrait will allow people to feel like they can see who you are. This offers the potential of personal connection, which fosters trust and encourages business. As Jennifer Klementti says, “A great business portrait will pique the reader’s interest in you as an individual which will lead them to visit your company’s website to find out more about you and your business, which will ultimately lead to more business.”

I hope I’ve convinced you to invest in a great business portrait. If you’re in Honolulu, Hawaii, go with Tracy Wright Corvo. You won’t regret it, trust me!

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