4 Life Lessons You Can Learn From A Spontaneous Risk-Taking Guy

“You’re like such a schedule person. You like schedules and you don’t break the rules. You overthink a whole lot, too.” He told me, as I got dressed. I was perplexed. The guy I literally went out of my way to see him on unplanned spontaneous nights had just called me a schedule person. He added,” you can’t plan life it just happens. So take a risk, eh?” I was completely offended and left swearing I’d never see him again.

He really was the definition of. spontaneous. He traveled, worked, followed his passions, and never complained. Being over analytical, of course, I wanted to think on every factor of how some people managed to reach greatness while others settled for mediocre. First, I’m sure his life was easier to navigate as he didn’t have an anxiety disorder. He’s probably never needed reassurance of every decision nor was ever crippled with depression. I was about to debunk every single piece of advice he ever gave me by sharing a good chunk of my life.

And right before I reached for my phone to tell him off an uncalled epiphany occurred. What I was about to do was list. excuses and reasons of why I decided to comfortably settle in my circumstances. Perhaps he too has experienced. anxiety, depression, and traumas. The difference was he wasn’t controlled by his circumstances because he chose not to. He chose not to let his circumstances dictate him while I was fueled with anger over my own choices. I allowed for my circumstances control me and questioned the people who didn’t. Could it be that we ourselves hinder from greatness by simply not choosing too? As much as I wanted to be mad I couldn’t. He was right.

A risk-taking attitude can’t hurt. Here are 4 life lessons I’ve learned so far from taking risks.

Your circumstances should ignite a challenge not an excuse

I get it. The statement “your circumstances don’t define you” is so broad. Whether it’s a physical or mental obstacle you face, many can comprehend and relate. Most advocate for support and compassion/comprehension selflessly without judgement. I completely understand some circumstances are out of the control of oneself and to a certain extent does create a limitation. However, if someone is not capable of giving you reassurance or the comprehension for your condition/circumstance, it should not hinder an excuse for not being able to overcome a certain situation. Are you willing to limit yourself because a person wasn’t able to understand your circumstances? I didn’t think so.

Pursue a purpose not a plan

When you pursue your purpose you gain momentum that is perpetual. It should fulfill you with passion, positivity, and excitement. There should be no standard of what a purpose should be. It is universal and you should approach with an open mind to discover what has the highest meaning to YOU. There is also no standard. time frame of how long. it takes to find a purpose either. There definitely is no predetermined place of where to find it. It could be a spiritual dynamic in the midst of meditation that you find your calling. It could be through a prayer that you find your God-given talents as well. Heck, you can be the stickler for a scheduled life like I was that eventually has you reevaluating your life. And when you find a purpose you’ll have to pursue it not just plan it out.

Capitalize on your opportunities but don’t settle on them

In context, to capitalize means to make the most of something. The moment an opportunity presents itself you shouldn’t overthink but rather seize it. Capitalizing your opportunity sees no limitation in ability when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone. In fact, I encourage it. Leave your security behind as you unravel your potential. Every opportunity comes with new skills, innovations, experience, and mostly an increase in job prospectives. When people tell you to take a risk they are telling you to take opportunities as they come.

Trust people when they say persistency is the key to success

Did I ever tell you about the businessman who made just one phone call and landed a million dollar investment for startup? No? That’s probably because it has never happened. Behind a successful person there’s a notorious story of the myriad failures it took for them to be where they are now. Persistency is the main factor that will surpass any failure potentially leading to your success. Had Jerry Seinfeld not overcome being booed off stage for the first time, I wouldn’t be binge watching the greatest sitcom of all time on the weekends!

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