“I am 16, going on 17….” You know you love the Sound of Music!

Speaking of getting older and wiser, my 29th year has started off with a bang in that department. It’s always fun to learn and grow to have a better understanding of things — human nature, money, love, relationships, health, etc.

I recently ran across Warren Buffett’s 5/25 rule and REALLY need to let this soak in or I’ll lose more years than I gain with every birthday.

Have you heard of this?

What are the top 25 things you love? Rank them. What are the top 5 things of those top 25 that you SUPER love? Maybe you love starting businesses but you SUPER love building websites — find a way to make them both work. Maybe you want to learn how to play an instrument but you SUPER love simply listening to music — say “yes” to more concerts! Maybe you love someone and put a lot of effort into making it work but realize your well-being is a SUPER love — ditch them. Maybe you love your job and like the path your career is taking you but you SUPER love your family…. evaluate what’s going on there or find a way to get them both in your Top 5.

In order to focus on the Top 5, we must clear off and say “no” to the other 20 so the distraction is eliminated.

Maybe bed rest has my mind a little too freed up to be thinking about such things but, I’m excited to start saying “NO” to those things that will take small moments or maybe even years away from me — lost hours of sleep, lost time with friends and family, lost chances for improved well-being.