When change is a good thing

You know those really fun, but often really cheesy Facebook quizzes that are always popping up on your news feed? I took one. Well, okay that’s a lie, I’ve taken a million. I can’t help it! I’m addicted to learning more about me — from what my favorite color says about my parenting style to what fast food joint lines up with my zodiac sign — how narcissistic is that? I don’t care. Keep your judgement to yourself.

Anyways, one in particular got me thinking! It was spot on, as most are (except the one about the fast food place because it said McDonald’s aligned with my zodiac {Leo} and if you know me, you know I wouldn’t be caught DEAD at a McDonald’s… sorry, not sorry).

This was based on the Myers Briggs personality typology. I had taken the full MB test as a freshman in college … too many years ago… and it was interesting to see how my results varied!

There was one BIG variance. When I took the test the first time, I was an ESTJ — extroverted, sensing, thinking, judging type. Which really makes sense for that time in my life. See, I had a tendency to be a little sh** sometimes — hard to believe, right? Don’t answer that.

Needless to say, I was more than pleased with my new 4-letter personality type. And no, it wasn’t the S word!

My results the other day were ESFJ — extroverted, sensing, FEELING, judging. And you know what I blame for that little F?


Kidding, but really… If I really dial it back and think about the root cause of the change, my husband pops into my head. I think the change happened when I fell in love with him. (Yes, layering on the cheese here). It was the moment that I finally gave up all {{most}} of my selfish ways, the moment I really began to lean on someone and to open my whole heart up to the vulnerability of LOVE.

Comparing the two personality types in my head, given my life experiences, while only one letter different, makes it seem like such a HUGE change. You’re not doomed to hell if you’re an ESTJ but for me, it’s definitely a positive step forward. As an ESTJ I was really harsh on myself and others. I held myself to ridiculous and ungodly standards. I wasn’t a nice person as an ESTJ (you may be a peach!).

As an ESFJ, I feel liberated and validated! I am so excited to feel, to empathize, to need the presence of others on a deeper level. Bless my husband’s introverted heart for putting up with me!

What is your MB personality type? What strengths and weaknesses do you have or struggle with? How have you changed throughout the years?

I’m thankful for that little F.

But I also blame hormones.

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