Hey Chris, Here’s a list.

Hello Chris D’Elia. This is a response to your tweet. Here is a list of people it is okay to make fun of.

  1. People who have stickers of their family on the back of their cars.

2. Vegetarians (Like my friend Kit. Here follow her: Kit Muir)

3. Red Heads (Like my friend Cass. Here follow her: @cassandracardy)

4. People who don’t tip.

5. Servers who get down on your level when they take your order.

6. People who don’t listen to your podcast.

7. People who watch the full 30 second ads before YouTube videos.

8. Bald dudes (Like my teacher Kenton Larsen and @zeaston9)

9. People who make actual Facebook statuses.

10. People who use this meme.

11. People who carry these around.

12. Anyone who listens to Nickelback.

13. Nickelback.

14. People who yell at the TV while watching football.

15. People who have ankle tattoos.

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