Stealing From Artists

Stealing somebodies idea is frowned upon, due to the fact that it’s seen as stealing somebody’s product. It’s viewed in the same way as if someone were to walk in to a store, pick up a t-shirt and then walk straight through the door without having anybody there to stop them. However, when does an idea stop being ‘stolen’ and start being an ‘inspiration’?

In the fashion world, you can’t copyright anything. Although it’s an art-form, and it can be viewed in the same way that a piece of writing could, or a painting in a museum, you can’t copyright it, because in fashion, taking somebody’s idea and applying it to your own idea is seen as inspiration, and this is how we get fashion trends.

The idea is similar with certain art-forms. Andy Warhol had a similar idea with some of his artworks. He had an artwork that was based solely around an advertisement for Campbell’s condensed tomato soup, which was copyrighted at the time. However, because he took it and made it his own piece of artwork and because he wasn’t using the original copy as it was intended to be used, he couldn’t get in trouble for using their logo.

Copyrighting is useful in situations where a product can be duplicated identically. This is when it becomes useful. However, when an artwork or product is used as inspiration for another artwork or product, copyright laws shouldn’t apply due to the nature in which the product was created, not as a direct duplicate, but as a way of paying homage to the creator.

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