The Pros & Cons of Global Networking

A global network is the world being connected by new technologies and ways of communicating, and the cultural impact of new forms of connecting. It’s a culture of instantly being able to connect with anybody in the world, with the push of a button.
I am most definitely connected to the global network though the internet, my phone, online forums, through social networking, anywhere where I can communicate with other people. This reaches further than the mobile phone, which is just one technology that has made leaps and bounds since the year it was invented.

I’m very optimistic about the global network. Technology, in my opinion, has done us a world of good. Technology in general has helped countries connect and communicate, has helped raise money for those in need, it connects loved ones who live across the globe. The world without a global network, I believe, would be a very dark and much sadder world to live in than the one we live in today.

Although I understand that the digital age that we have entered is not only doing positive things, but also negative. We are in a world in which children are growing up believing that you live your life via their screens, whether that be through video games, mobile phones or computers. According to Lovink, we are creating an expectation of ‘shallow artificiality’, where we develop unfair expectations of the world that we live in. For some people, this is something that I agree with.

However, global networking has done more for this world that we could ever have imagined, and it has given us so many more opportunities to grow as a human race than we would have ever had the chance given if we weren’t part of this mass globalisation. Varnelis argues that ‘both nations and businesses are ever more networked, decentralized, and fluid’. In my experiences, my life has only ever been improved by this global networking. I’ve made YouTube videos, in which people from all over the world have seen me talk about the things I love most, and they have been able to communicate back to me using that medium. I’ve become a columnist through an online and hardcopy magazine, global networking bringing me this opportunity. I believe that I can safely say that I’ve been given opportunities

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