Here are some interesting comments:

· STEVEN TWAIN does not exist. There is no trading going on, by him or any other person. This is a Ponzi Scheme, nothing else. The posts on facebook and the various social media chats like WhatsApp and Telegram hail Steven Twain as a messiah, saint and saviour. There is no address for him or contact details. Cheri Ward and crew have been sending this man almost R1 billion of other people’s money…they claim they have never met him or spoken to him. Of course this is true.. he does not exist!! What is darn irritating is that Cheri and Clynton (and now the new admin group)…keep saying Steven said this, Steven said that…blahblahblah… if only you could hear yourselves!

· LIES: ROBBERY — When Cheri Ward could not pay on Monday 5th February, she hatched a plan…said that Steven was attacked at his home, that his trading equipment was destroyed and that the bitcoin vault was stolen. She posted on facebook that Steven made contact after 11.30pm on Monday with this news… this is a copy-cat of a real incident that occurred in the UK on 29th January where a legitimate trader was attacked at his home and his bitcoins transferred from his vault by robbers. The poor silly South Africans were saying how sorry they were and glad that he was SAFE… is their money SAFE? No more was heard about this.

· LIES: Cheri posts CHATS she has had with Steven… WHO IS SHE TRYING TO FOOL? Very soon when this is all in the open, and she is charged.,..she will have ROTTEN EGG ON HER FACE!


Cheri Ward Cell Number 082 361 5911

Home address 22 Malachite Street, Kloofendaal, Roodepoort


Clynton Marks Cell Number 071 509 5266

Lives with Cheri Ward…”boyfriend”


Madelyn Roose Cell Number 062 305 1983

Address Not Known


Andrew Caw Cell Number 082 229 8529

Just moved to Monaghan Farm/Estate, Ashenti Road, Lanseria, Centurion. Previous home address is 5 Impala Street, Randpark Ridge…it is now for sale on Private Property..4 bedroom house T1635656

· FACEBOOK PAGE : Cheri Ward and Clynton Marks are playing the role of Steven. They created a Facebook page in the name of Steven Twain on 14th August 2017. They have now concocted a story that Steven Twain’s facebook page has been hacked and it therefore needs to be deleted. This they did on 14th February. The real reason that they deleted this page is that there was so much of incriminating evidence on the page that they had to delete it as they were aware that the authorities were viewing it. Too late… the page has been copied and the authorities have all the incriminating evidence. By the way… where is Steven Twain in all of this??? This was HIS page and HE used to respond on this page. He also used this profile to LIKE posts on other pages…particularly posts by Cheri Ward and Pastor Johan van Wyk, who is one of the top 5 recruiters. Something strange about the Facebook likes… Steven Ward is the FIRST to LIKE Cheri Ward’s posts..even if she is posting about her painted fingernails and her chubby kids’ school achievements. Steven Twain is also the FIRST to LIKE Pastor Johan van Wyk’s facebook posts.. no matter what nonsense he posts. It would appear from this that Steven Twain spends ALL HIS TIME LIKING FACEBOOK POSTS… so WHEN does he get the time to TRADE??

ANDREW CAW: They held public meetings and promoted BTC Global. Andrew Caw was the blue-eyed boy of BTC Global… he is one of the four owners of this platform. It is said that he wants out and wants to skip the country. Silly move if he tries this… the authorities are watching Andy Boy… He was very naughty… he deleted three years off his facebook page… that does not make him faceless… Now, how is he going to leave the new house that he bought in Monaghan Farm? Andrew created the back office for BTC Global.. he had help of course, but it was still very clever. Now let’s see him pull off his escape!

· CLYNTON MARKS: Cheri’s toy (boy). He is however, BTC Global’s top recruiter! He has earned himself over $750 000 in commission… now come on Clynts…Cheri has been publicly complaining that he has not bought her an engagement ring…. with this kind of cash, he can well afford it. Maybe he just don’t want to…LOL…. we understand. Well now… that white double cab that he bought… AFU want it….

· CHERI WARD: SHE DESERVES AN OSCAR… she is buying school clothes for underprivileged children.. oooh what a saint she is… but she STOLE that money from the mothers of these very children! For her age… give her credit…she turned 33 on 7th February… she really pulled off the stunt of the century… she created this fake Steven Twain, she had 28000 people begging her to take their money… she earned over $500 000 as commission. She bought herself a Range Rover, endless trips to the nail parlour.. she had the country spell-bound with that video of her’s on youtube… the funniest part was that she posted this pretty-pic of herself to advertise the live-airing of the video… but then when she appeared on the video, there was this BLOATED BLOWFISH talking… everyone was looking for Mon Cheri Amor… and what did they see..just MORE CHERI… meaning a magnified version of the person in the photo…and a not-so-pretty one either… She says she studied law..whatever it was she did not complete it..she is not a lawyer.

· JOHAN VAN WYK — Pastor at the Solid Rock Church in Roosdepoort. He has the temerity to proclaim that he is a PROPHET!! He is one of the top 5 recruiters and in one account he has has 58 people under him and the total investment in this account is $167 000…around R2 million. He has other accounts with BTC Global in the name of Solid Rock church, his personal name, his wife’s name and his daughter’s name. this means that he has far more than R2 million invested. He openly states that he earned over R1.1 million in a few months last year. He has recently been advertising a return of 40% PER WEEK for investments of $3 000, if received by 14th February. This is a side-ponzi scheme in cahoots with the BTC

FACEBOOK POSTS (hover over the date and you can go to his page)

Johan van Wyk

February 11 at 10:22pm ·

Guess the Hawks are no longer coming to lock me up now that Steven Twain paid us! LOL

Johan van Wyk

February 8 at 1:38pm ·

At present no one new can join BTC Global but there’s a company having a special. Minimum $3000 b4 12 Feb gives 40% pw for 4 weeks

Johan van Wyk

December 18, 2017 ·

Make 2018 a great year now by investing $1000 in BTC to receive 14% interest / week!

Top of Form

Johan van Wyk was live.

December 14, 2017 at 7:11pm ·


BTC Global Meeting

Johan van Wyk was live.

December 14, 2017 at 7:11pm ·


BTC Global Meeting



57Steven Twain and 56 others (Note that Steven Twain is the first to LIKE the video presentation)

THE ASSAULT: Cheri Ward laid charges against a man who was near her house. She claims in her statement to the police that he was threatening her and her children. PHEW… What lies..there is a recording of the incident.. Cheri’s brother and others BEAT this small man up, in the recording Cheri is pleading with them to STOP.. that the police are coming. If this man was wrong, she would not plead on his behalf. She will pay for this, that’s for sure. SHE STOLE HIS MONEY. He has a right to ask her for it. It is Cheri and her brother who will be arrested for this soon…the man has suffered severe injuries…he too is the father of two small children and needs his money for them.

HARRASSMENT ORDER: Cheri has brought an application to silence Vivienne Budge. Cheri herself has said the VILEST things about Vivienne on social media. It seems like Vivienne cannot be bothered with Cheri’s lies. The police did not follow procedure and detained Vivienne Budge at the police station… this is not going to end quietly. Vivienne will be hailed for STANDING UP TO CHERI WARD. Vivienne had to spend ONE night at the police station..Cheri Ward will spend YEARS IN JAIL for theft, fraud, perjury, misrepresentation…it’s a long list.

BTC GLOBAL: BTC Global advertised 2% per day/ 14% per week and withdraw your money at any time. They also paid 1% commission to the recruiters. By paying money over into BTC Global, a contract/agreement was reached between the two parties. Now it is …5% per week, no withdrawals till end of march, and no commission to recruiters. There is no longer a contract based on the original terms. BUT… what is so amazing is the CHERI SHEEP are agreeing to this…and profusely THANKING CHERI and the non-existent Steven for this 5%…some are even begging to throw more money into the scheme.

PRESENT POSITION: Cheri Ward says that she is no longer an admin of BTC Global. Steven Twain’s facebook page has been deleted. Soon the whatsapp chat group will be deleted. Steven Twain cannot be found. Cheri Ward says that she has only ever contacted him on social media… facebook, whatsapp and telegram… the BTC Global site will disappear.. when investors try to log in…expect to see “THIS SITE CANNOT BE REACHED”!!

So….WHAT ARE THE INVESTORS GOING TO DO?? WHO ARE THEY GOING TO ASK FOR THE MONEY? CHERI SAYS…ASK STEVEN!! There is NO BANK that the money has been deposited into…there are no records..

All the investors can do is to lay charges against CHERI WARD and the other three. The police are fully aware of the matter and Cheri and her clan WILL SOMEDAY GO TO JAIL!! LAY CHARGES AGAINST THEM!