Re-engaging the “Deactivated Customer”:HelloFresh, BlueApron and HomeChef

I had the great honor of receiving meal delivery packages from HelloFresh, Blue Apron and HomeChef due to the kindness of a friend who referred me to the service. Like most people, I cancelled the subscription upon receiving the first box. This brings me to my post today about how these 3 companies have been engaging me as a “deactivated customer”.

Numerous emails on discounts but CONTENT matters.

Research has proven that email is the most effective way to activate the disengaged consumer but in my opinion, discount/promotions matters but CONTENT in these emails matter more. All 3 providers have been sending me numerous discount codes for Valentines Day, Presidents Day, Monday.. you get it.

Suggestion: Discounts are important in triggering action, but what else? Pictures of upcoming menus, happy cooks, new cooking techniques, do you know section about the new features of the app? The incidence of anyone reading a marketing email is probably less than 5%, but if that hits, it is important to wow the customer and shoot for conversion.

2. In-App Engagement : Call to Action is important!

HelloFresh has a small button at “Reactivate Now”, available at the “My Profile” section of the app. This is a weak call to action as it is hardly visible to the user.

Blue Apron has a orange button placed at the bottom of the screen, and it appears almost on every screen in the app. Suggestion is to put a dollar value to the offer (i.e. $30 off) and place the button at the top off the screen to draw attention.

In my opinion, HomeChef has the best way to re-engage with a clear call to action. A button is placed on every screen in the app, creating sense of urgency. Most importantly, it is placed carefully placed at the top of the screen.

3. User Engagement Through Unique Features on the App

Blue Apron wins in this respect. They allows the every user to search by main material, season or even cuisine.

In Blue Apron, there is also a direct link to the phone camera which allows the users to take pictures of the executed recipes and integrate it to Facebook and Instagram, sweet!

HelloFresh allows for integration with your native calendar which helps users to keep track of the deliveries. This is really important as users cited “unable to plan” for the dinners as a reason for their cancellation of the service.

In conclusion, customer referrals are a highly important way for new customer acquisition. However, these new customers might quickly become “disengaged customers”, contributing significantly to consumer churn. However, using (1)strong content marketing to attract disengaged users (2) creating strong call to action inside the app (3) strong unique features for user engagement, are some strategies that I would suggest for companies to increase their engagement with the disengaged customer.