“The Unexplained Cremation”

Fresh out of high school I took a job as a cremation operator. At the time my family was in the funeral transport business so I had been around the diseased for a couple years and felt I could handle the job.

The job itself was not bad as you become acclimated to the sight and smell of dead people.

The curiosity is every culture has customs when it comes to saying goodbye to their loved one and in this particular instance the family requested time alone for a “private ritual to honor his status.” I was not able to witness the ritual; however, afterwards I can tell you I observed something I wish I had never seen.

Once prepped and placed I waited. After about an hour I looked inside the cremation chamber to my amazement he was intact.

A normal body depending on weight takes about an hour to cremate.

Confused, I adjusted the thrust (air to fuel the fire) to increase the temperature inside the chamber yet his torso and head remained COMPLETELY INTACT creating the illusion of a snake like figure in the chamber. Upon attempting to re position the person within the chamber I witnessed something unexplainable.

The person was moving in a snake like fashion within the chamber.

Needless to say I was freaked out, but after 3 hours and 100 pound the event was over. To this day it tops the list as the strangest thing I have ever seen.

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