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Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

If you work hard enough, if you play by the rules (most of the time), if you show up with all the determination, grit, and gusto that you can muster, your dream will be realized. (Or, if you can, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars and have access to Photoshop. …

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Jimmy Kimmel celebrating his star like a ROCK STAR. Source: Los Angeles Daily News, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel failed a test as an undergrad at Arizona State. It wasn’t because he hadn’t prepared. Or because he skipped a bunch of classes in favor of playing Grand Theft Auto with his roommates. You will likely never guess the reason why.

It was because he didn’t have a pencil on him and couldn’t bring himself to ask a classmate to borrow one. Yes. Jimmy Kimmel. The guy who was on the cover of the February 2018 GQ and hosts a daily show that more than 2 million viewers watch.

A pencil?

Wait, what?

A freakin’ pencil. Ask the dude in the Reebok sweats next to you for a flipping pencil. For real? Before you say to yourself, That is nuts, let’s get curious… because we’ve got a lot to learn from this moment in Jimmy’s life. …


Jessie Peck-Martin

Ed consultant & blogger | Starting with self discovery to overcome fear-based college admissions. Let’s flip Fear to Possibility, Panic to Purpose.

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