3 Memorable Mother’s Day Gifts While on a Budget

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, it is time to think about what to get your own mom. While there are many classic favorites, such as flowers and jewelry, you might want to think outside the box. Instead of giving your mom the same book of coupons or a framed picture of your kids, consider these unique and memorable mother’s day gift ideas, which are doable even if you are on a budget.

Personalized Gift Basket

This may seem like a traditional gift, but when you put the entire thing together yourself, it can be anything but. This gift can be made memorable by showing your mom that you pay attention to the things she enjoys. Instead of picking up a generic gift basket from your nearby shopping mall, you choose everything, from the basket or box to the items inside. You can go with a theme, such as gardening, and include tools in her favorite color and seeds of her favorite flowers. Another option is to simply give her a collection of all her favorite things, including candy, notepads with her favorite flower, books, CDs or DVDs, and tickets to an event you know she has been wanting to go to.

Spending Time Together

It is ikely that your mom wants nothing more than to spend more time with you. Instead of stopping by for an hour to take her to lunch on Mother’s Day, consider planning an entire day with just you and her. You can take her to her favorite restaurant for brunch or have a picnic at a nearby park if you’re on a tight budget. Consider getting manicures and pedicures together, which is not a big purchase in many cases. If you can find a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for a massage, that is another excellent activity. Other ideas include seeing a movie or just sitting at home looking through old photo albums. No matter what you do together, she will appreciate the quality time she got to spend with you.

Customize a Sentimental Item

Instead of buying your mom a gift at the store, consider making something for your her. If you can’t afford professional customizing options, you might at least be able to engrave something yourself. For example, you can take a metal spoon that was yours as a child and add a message to it for your mom. This can be done either with metal stamps and a hammer, or by using a simple, store-bought engraving machine.

Think about ways you can surprise your mom for Mother’s Day. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it a memorable one.