The Bechdel Test is Outdated, Here is the New and Improved One
Charlene Haparimwi

Nice article! I made a timid foray into Hollywood the other night with “The Boss”, which I turned off after about five gags which served to humiliate Melissa McCarthy. I end up watching a lot of foreign films. I lived in Africa and had satellite TV and was so glad to see so many Black people in different roles. Just get so sick of the white male fantasy, it doesn’t represent any reality, it is just a caricature of reality and it’s getting pretty old for those of us who are SO sick of the white guy being the only one who has smarts and guts, surrounded by dumb females and spineless, cringing, lying POC. If we were so stupid and cowardly as the movies say, how could we possibly survive in this world? There is a big war going on, being fought over our imaginations. But it is a pretty big deal. A movie can inspire you or totally depress you.

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