I like this blogging app already.


It didn’t ask me who I was. I am just linked to facebook. God knows what that says about me.

I struggle with labels. In some ways, I enjoy and embrace them.

Mother, wife, counselor.

But at the same time I feel the stereotypes boxing me in and making me feel sufficated.

Christian, runner, working mom, bisexual, creative, untidy, sensitive.

Did I miss anything? Did I prioritize wrong?

Homeowner, pet owner, introvert, clean.

I know this is nothing original to talk about. I’m not even sure why I want to put this out into the world, but I think I want to write.

I think I’ve always enjoyed writing (as long as I could use a keyboard) but somewhere along the line of standardized testing, empty facebook posts, and burnout from research paper writing, I thought I wasn’t good at it or that it isn’t worth the effort.

But I’ve come to a realization. I have a whole that constantly wants to be filled inside me. I need to fill it with healthy projects, creative projects, things that have no end, seriously CREATIVITY.

And fuck structure man. I don’t know what this thing is yet. Poems? Daily reflection? Ugh, more labels, who knows. My prayer though, is that it is what God wants me to do, to somehow fulfill my purpose. Whatever that is.

Maybe this will help me figure that out.

And you too.