SCAM ALERT! My “AADT” vs. “DOT Compliance Group” Experience.

Jessie B.
Jessie B.
May 13 · 3 min read

I’m going to share my experience with the AADT (American Alliance Drug Testing) & DOT Compliance Group.

In 2017, I got a threatening letter from AADT in the morning. It stated that we were not DOT Compliant and that we required to purchase their drug and alcohol testing program in order to get compliant with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association) rules. They made it look as if it was from the DOT & we were not compliant. As I was new to the trucking industry and had little knowledge about it all, and of course it was all very alarming for me, so I just ended up paying them.

After the payment was done, I got an email with some instructions in it. I followed them and waited for mores than the specified time and got no call or email response from them.

Then I called them up and followed up for the same. After a 5 minute discussion, they hung up on me. I was helpless. I never had such an experience in my life. It was the worst feeling. I tried calling them again and again but they never picked up. This was the first and a very strong clue that I was being scammed.

I mailed them the very next day but they didn’t respond. I was SCAMMED by American Alliance Drug Testing. After this, I searched on the internet and found out that they had already scammed other several companies and ripped them off their money. Also, they were actively publishing defamatory blog posts against their competitors.

I visited the nearest police station and reported my problem. He told me that AADT is sending out scam letters to other companies by impersonating as a DOT authority. After this, it was clear that I had been scammed and cheated out of my hard earned money. I discussed the matter with a fellow transport company owner and found out that I needed to get enrolled in a drug and alcohol consortium ASAP.

So I did some research again and found some reliable options. I read their program details and shortlisted a company named DOT Compliance Group. At first, I was worried about it because I was already set back by a considerable amount of money thanks to AADT. So first I read their reviews online and didn’t make the next move until everything seemed alright to me.

I read everything carefully on their website and enrolled in the program. After a few minutes, I got a call confirming my registration. They provided me a letter of enrolment which was meant to be used during DOT audits. I added my team members to the dashboard provided by them and decided to wait for a few days.

After some days, our drivers got selected from the pool and were required to report at a test location, at specified time. They were properly tested and reports were shared readily with us. Luckily, all of our drivers cleared the test.

In the end, I just want to say that AADT IS A SCAM. STAY AWAY FROM THEM & don’t pay them even a single penny. If you want to get enrolled in a drug and alcohol testing program, first check whether the company is legit or not and read its online reviews with your eyes wide open.

Good luck! 😊

    Jessie B.

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    Jessie B.