Against Chill
Alana Massey

Alana! I never comment on blogs, but I felt I really had to here. I love this! I’ve been trying to say this -way less eloquently- for years. Thank you, thank you! I’ve never been a chill person. But I spent years trying and almost all of my attempts ended in tears, screaming or awkward phone calls. I envied people who never seemed to have an opinion, and could smile nicely to the misogynist at the bar because they didn’t want to cause a scene. Today I embrace my fiery personality and my capacity to feel deeply. And my fiance wouldn’t have it any other way — he actually envies my unchillness. Of course, my acceptance of myself has allowed me to respond to life with more equanimity (not chilly-ness).I hope your blog post inspires others to to never sacrifice the depth of their experience for another person’s comfort.