Fall Forward

Fall is right around the corner and keeping a clean, organized space is a must! It is important to know what items to throw away and keep, here are a few tips and tricks to fall forward into the Fall season.

The goal is to get rid of unworn pieces:

Start narrowing down your closet with your summer wardrobe first. There should be three piles, a Keep pile, a Donate pile and a tailor pile. If it is a piece that is worn often, keep it in your wardrobe, because there is a good chance you will wear it again, and again. If a piece you pull out of the pile is something that you haven’t worn at all, donate it. If you haven’t worn those jean shorts yet, what makes you think that your going to wear it this fall? If it is a sentimental piece and you cannot bear to give it away because it holds too many memories, check to see if it needs tailoring in any specific areas where it might fit you better, sometimes the pieces we have connections with, are hard to give up even if they don’t fit us in all the right places. Tailoring your clothes can transform the dust bunny in your closet into the designer item you always wanted.

Once there are three piles:

Start with the Keep pile and separate your clothes. Determine what colors compliment your skin and what colors do not. Follow the four seasons as a guide into the items you should keep and toss, and it will make the process so much easier. Your closet shouldn’t consist of one season, even if you live in Brazil, there should be some pieces for transitional weather patterns. Keep clothes that will serve as great layering pieces, and donate everything that you never wear for extra space.

How’s That Maybe Pile Looking?

Once your keep pile is looking more “yay” than “nay”, move onto the pile that you aren’t so sure about. Are you really going to wear that sequined dress you wore once, or the dress you bought on impulse for a quick date? Before you tie millions of memories to one item, ask yourself, “how does this look on me now”?, “would I tailor this item if I could”?, “would I wear this item frequently”? If this ‘maybe’ item is in the maybe pile because you can’t part with the memories, decide if it is worth taking up head space in your drawers. If there is no reason for its presence in your closet, you better be moving that item to the donation pile, because you are not going to wear it. Really take into account the versatility of the item vs. the memories of how you used to look wearing it. When there is a clear reason to wear it, you will be wearing said item more often.

When In Doubt, Donate!

Good. Now the donation pile, the pile that you are dead set on taking to your local consignment shop and Goodwill tomorrow. Are you sure? Look through your ‘nay’ pile one more time to make sure you haven’t skipped anything that could be tailored and developed into a snug fitting item. Tailoring is a great way to fix those material hiccups that are out of our control like those pants that are too long, or that dress where the straps are falling down. Once they have been sorted, take your ‘nay’ pile and donate to a greater cause. Donating is a great way to make a difference in your community and give items away to those in need.

Whether you are heading into the Fall season starting a new job or continuing with your dream job, these tips will help you go from ‘Nah’ to ‘Fall’ and hopefully make organizing a little easier! Happy Cleaning!


Jess ❤

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