I’m a Woman Hear Me Roar

I was walking down the street today and my heart started beating a mile a minute , I started sweating so much I thought I was going to pass out. Today a complete stranger honked at me five times and then sped off like his car was on fire.

The same moment I started sweating, I was in the middle of texting my friend, and I was so sweaty my fingers were sticking to the iPhone keys, gross right ?

No I meant the other thing . Isn’t it weird that guys still primp their feathers at us because they think we’re attractive and they hope we’ll notice their obnoxious honking or their speed drag racing skills to get to the next red light. I mean haven’t we evolved?

I’ve watched discovery channel , I know that animals , and birds in particular often put on shows to impress the mate they want for life, and I can honestly say we’ve evolved in not picking out our mate for life in the first flaunt , but in the second. I’m totally joking , persistence people.

No really though , why do I get so angry when this happens , is it wrong to want a completely normal conversation with someone , why go through the loud and obnoxious effort? Is that suppose to slay me?

The other day I was watching a YouTube video by Matthew Hussey. If you haven’t heard about him he’s supposed to be somewhat of a love guru , who gives real and honest advice on relationships, love and everything else in that bracket. He was talking about how women generalize men a lot , we think their is a difference between real men , and men. Women seem to idealize the real man as this completely perfect guy who never makes mistakes and attains the needs of all women .

I’m a woman and I don’t even agree with these women. We evolved to the point where people who like each other can’t even go up to each other from across the room because cell phone devices are too important, we regret the chances we never take, we idealize what we see on the internet to be real life.

Is honking your horn when I’m running the best way to get my attention to you ? No. Your windows are tinted, your car fumes smell and good luck with me trying to make an effort and memorize the license plate number , because that’s all the info that was taken in that exchange.

Why is it still happening? Is anyone else out there experiencing outside exercise trauma from unmarked vehicles? I know it happens to everyone, you might not care to notice it, but I do, and it makes me infuriated.

If we all just talked to each other more, if there were more exchanges face to face than their were on social media how many people would be in the relationship they want? Probably a lot more. And I’m not condemning men, women do this too , we’re just more subtle about it.

I’m a woman and I don’t engage in gossip that could potential hurt another woman because it’s disrespectful, but with friends I understand that it’s a native language and I’ll listen as much as I need too.

I’m a woman and I don’t engage in setting up dates and relationships through the Internet. But I’m also in this time of fast moving technology , wait should I start teaching out to my friends over the Internet , will Alyssa return my calls if I message her through the Internet?

I’m a woman and I know that we need to give more cues or nobody is going to be happy. Equal effort, a tit for a tat, pun intended.

The next time I hear another honk, I’m going to shake my head and say thank you, and keep running. Sometimes we’re born backwards and have to relearn how to communicate with each other. I’ll accept the time I was born in and try to adapt. Still don’t like being interrupted in the middle of my run though, and it’ll probably still make my heart beat fast and my palms sweat.

Next time on any outing with, look around the bar and see how many people are actually talking to each other, go up to a complete stranger and start a conversation, put that phone in your fanny pack, and pay attention.

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