What’s that song?, “Sweet Disposition?”- A moment, a lie, a kiss, a cry? I think that is how it goes. That song has meant more to me these past few years than anything in my lifetime. You see, since I was little I have always wanted to be a ballet dancer. That is a past thought now. As I grew, I finally started to realize what being an adult really meant. It wasn’t about making money, finding the love of your life, hell, it wasn’t about anything taught or learned in elementary school. What most people do not share or tell you is that life is simply learned by experiences, dreams, and longings. When you are on your deathbed someday, you are not going to be thinking of that fabulous career you mercilessly worked to fulfill, or the number of times you had to take Finite Mathematics, it most likely will be about who and what culminated your life up to that very moment. When I die, I’d like to remember how much I was able to help individuals and inspire to pursue dreams without limitations. Because that is why were here isn’t it? To ultimately live for ourselves, dream big and overcome obstacles to find our own meaning?

This is my story.

I have always gravitated towards writing,because it was something I enjoyed, not because I could make a living out of it. I believe it was Coco Chanel who said “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” and I have aspired to one day be as influential as Audrey Hepburn, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Emily Dickinson. A strong concoction of whoever inspired me. It is important to be different in an era of millennials and followers. it is important to be an individual in a world full of clones. I demand respect, and I will not settle for less. Why would I? In a world full of sex appeal, why can’t women be noticed for their intriguing minds? I believe in change, not habit. Maybe I am old-fashioned, living in the realm of Breakfast at Tiffany’s black and white, but despite everyone’s actions today, I still believe in chivalry. I expect high standards of myself, and men to respect women in the utmost beautiful way.It is important to be reminded everyday that everything isn’t proven, known or tangible, there is always a chance to change. I hope there are still Audrey Hepburn’s out there and I hope our “Fred” is not a lost cause. Believing can be a feeling, chivalry isn’t dead, and classiness isn’t past. Like Chanel once said, “Keep your heels and standards high”.