Style inspiration for Fall: Santigold

Santigold has been one of my favorite artists since her first album “Santogold” back in the 2008, however it is no secret that her style and creativity has received the popularity it deserves. Through glitter mouthed album covers and 99 cent plastic coverings, it is a travesty that her style has gone unnoticed by everyday standards. I wanted to shed light on someone who has inspired my own style and introduce one of the most underrated artists and fashionista’s of our time, because her style is worth looking at.

When She Wears Bold colors:

When is Santigold not wearing bright colors? Plastered on her handbag or accented in her pants, she flaunts her taste and personality through her wardrobe. Her music style can almost be called “genre-less” because it doesn’t fit into any genre, and that reflects her fashion sense. I am inspired by her colorful wardrobe, it is a refreshing take on effortless style mixed with freedom of expression. A pop of color can be a simple way to show off who you are and add a little extra kick to those weekly go-to’s.

When She Prances in Powerful Prints:

Rock that tiger print girl! Dancing around in tiger print tights and waltzing on stage in a head to toe floral outfit, she rocks her body type with prints that speak for her. She inspires me to embrace my own confidence everyday in her clothes alone. She stands out from the crowd and isn’t afraid to be bold. I really like how Santigold literally wears herself on her sleeve, and I think more people need to let go of what is normal and start dressing how they feel. The tiger print onesie is a brave choice, Santigold shows that simplicity in the eccentric makes her style unique and a part of who she is.

When She Rocks and Rolls In Femininity:

Stage style, and the magic of imagination trumps the minimalist trend’s of today. Santigold’s visualizations always remind me of street style mixed with runway fashion and that is why I think Santigold is so enigmatic. She can transform her look, or her hair, but she will always have “Santigold” style and that is what makes her one of a kind. My favorite color is pink, so naturally I would flock to this dress in a heartbeat. Her intricate eye for textures, patterns and colors in clothing , like the pink print on top and the visual image on the bottom of her skirt, make Santigold a brilliant storyteller and creative source. With Santigold there are no limits to style, she represents freedom and originality which I aspire to be like.

When She Doesn’t Hold Back Her Hair For Anyone:

Most people in Hollywood or the music industry have a signature style, like Ariana Grande and her famous ponytail, or some artists change up their look so much we never know what to expect next. Santigold’s hair is one I envy and I think it is because it is rooted in vintage vines. She started her music career with a short stacked bob, that appears on her first album color. Presently , she still rocks the bangs and has grown her long hair out for a 70’s inspired look. Santigold is the first person that inspired me to get fringed bangs because it made her look so effortless and chic in her crazy outfits. I remember watching an interview where Santigold said, “I always have to be comfortable”, and that is exactly how she presents herself, her hair included.

Santigold’s style is so quirky and unique. I like it because it looks so effortless to put together, and I really admire her for that, being as famous as she is. I really enjoy her use of color and pattern mixtures, and I am not usually a color and pattern style kind of girl. I flock to textures and dark colors for a safe, easy transition from day to night, but Santigold makes me think differently. She inspires me to become a woman rocking the bright colors I enjoy, to explore my own freedom of expression in my wardrobe and combine patterns that I would not normally pair myself together, to be comfortable, and carefree about what society might think of you.

Look to people who inspire you, places that inspire you, even activities that inspire you because they say a lot about who you are. These interests represent your fashion soulmate, and when you come across your fashion soulmate(s) you need to love and cherish them the best way you can, and work them into your wardrobe.

Trends can be nice to follow sometimes when we get bored of our everyday style, but fashion soulmates take your style one step further into discovering yourself. Pay attention to what you like, get inspired and listen to people you look at to elevate your transformation. Believe me, if you can’t pinpoint your style , finding people who inspire you is the first step to finding it. Listen to Santigold’s new album 99 cents and lights out.


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