A look at MTV’s “Decoded” as a multimedia platform

MTV’s online series, “Decoded”, is a good use of multimedia journalism. While it might not be delivering breaking news, it manages to take an in-depth look at some controversial issues in our society.

In this particular example, host Franchesca Ramsey looks at the origin and connotations of the terms “cracker, red-neck and white trash.” The story is told through the medium of video primarily, but the video itself holds other forms of media that help tell the story.

The use of text helps highlight notable facts and ideas in the video package. The graphics and illustrations used create almost a second narrative to compliment the narrative the host gives; they also make the piece more entertaining and honestly easier to enjoy watching.

The video, text and illustrations in this video all create a video package that can attract and relate to a variety of people who are either auditory learners or visual learners.

This package does a good job of covering an in-depth look of something in just a manner of five minutes or so. It is also entertaining and enjoyable despite the content being a some-what serious subject.