5 Crucial Factors to Consider for a Seamless Motorcycle Delivery

Shipping a motorcycle to a different state or country could be a tough task, especially if you are a first-time shipper with little to no knowledge about the process. Most individuals shipping for the first time are unfamiliar with the process and it’s common practice to hire a motorcycle delivery service, simply based on the price which shouldn’t be the case. To help you with a seamless motorcycle delivery, the blog post discusses five essential factors to consider before hiring a motorcycle delivery provider. Take a look.

1. Experience of the Motorcycle Delivery Service
First and foremost, you need to check the experience of your motorcycle shipping company to ensure they are capable enough to handle the delivery process. Ideally, you should go for a motorcycle delivery service who has spent at least 4–5 years in the hauling business. Make sure the motorcycle delivery service has positive ratings on the Best Business Bureau and a legitimate motor carrier number that authorizes them to haul motorcycles.

2. Inspection
Though reputable motorcycle delivery companies have industry specific benchmarks in place to protect your motorcycle during hauling and transit, inspection gives you the required peace of mind. Before shipping your motorcycle, clean it thoroughly and take pictures to check for scratches, dents and cosmetic damage so that you can compare the condition after it reaches the destination.

3. The Shipping Method
Choosing the right shipping method is another essential factor that largely depends on personal preferences. If, for instance, you are shipping a classic motorcycle, go for the enclosed trailer option that provides additional protection from road debris and weather elements during transit. Enclosed shipping is cost-intensive, so you can also opt for the open trailer method wherein several motorcycles are loaded on the top of a truck trailer.

4. Insurance
When choosing a motorcycle delivery service, be double sure that they have a liability insurance to cover for losses that incur from damage during hauling or transit. Though motorcycle shipping companies are federally bound to offer a liability insurance, it’s always better to ask if you need an additional insurance.

5. Cost
The cost of motorcycle shipping also deserves a consideration when choosing a motorcycle delivery service. Compare multiple motorcycle shipping quotes from different shipping companies and also factor the tentative delivery timeline before you sign on the dotted line. Though the cost of shipping matters and it’s natural to go for the lowest bid, but make sure that you should not compromise the safety of the motorcycle. Go for a reliable motorcycle delivery service that follows stringent security guidelines to ensure integrity of the motorcycle throughout the delivery process.

Wrapping Up
Driving a motorcycle to its destination could seem to be a lucrative option, it is, however, not feasible especially in case of a dead motorcycle or international transit. Self-shipping is also physically and mentally taxing, let alone the stress of a relocation. Shipping your motorcycle through a motorcycle service can save you the hassles and ensure it’s delivered to the destination in an undamaged condition. All you need to do is to complete the required paperwork and hand over the vehicle to the motorcycle delivery service.