A New and Exciting Chapter in My Music Career

As many of you know, I recently independently released a family album, “Take Me Outside.” This album,which was created thanks to the pre-sales from a successful Indiegogo campaign, has opened so many doors for me. I’m so grateful for everyone who took the leap of faith and supported me in recording these songs. The positive feedback has been overwhelming and I’m amazed at how generous people have been with sharing stories about the music. I’ve heard about families playing the music in car rides driving from Toronto to NYC, driving through Alberta and my favourite is when parents say that even when their kids are at school, they still keep listening to the tunes. I love it when children tell me why the Bugs and Slugs song is their favourite or how much they love making Mud Pies. These stories warm my heart and keep me motivated and inspired to write more songs for families.
My goal was to reach out to as many people as possible and remind them that children are happier, calmer and healthier when they spend time outside. Which brings me to share this very exciting news… My music will be featured in every episode of a show on Kids’ CBC series called “Scout & The Gumboot Kids”which now airs every weekday across Canada at 9:55am. The show encourages children to explore nature and be mindful. Four songs off of “Take Me Outside” are in the show so far, and I have written 6 more songs that will be shared on the show and soon with my fans on “Take Me Outside Again.” Our goal is to release this new family album sometime next year. I’ll keep you posted!
While I was playing a live show in Vancouver recently, I asked a fellow musician if he thought it was funny that some of the songs that I am most proud of are about “ducks” and “rainbows”? He laughed and said, “ No, that’s awesome! What could be more important in life?!” I couldn’t agree more.
Who knew I’d go from writing country radio hit love songs, to writing children’s music that will be featured on a children’s television show?!
I grew up watching Kids’ CBC and now I’m part of the creative team that makes a show for children that watch it across the country. I feel so thankful for this opportunity at this time in my life. My children have inspired me to be present and have fun with them outside and these songs are the perfect outlet for me to share my outdoor experiences and observations that I have with my family.
I have developed a huge admiration for the main character in the show, Scout the mouse in the show Scout and The Gumboot Kids. He’s a little kind hearted mouse that reminds us all to slow down and be present while exploring the great outdoors.
When I watch Scout, I feel like a happy curious kid again!

I’ll be posting links to episodes of the show as they come up on Kids’ CBC. Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you.

See you soon, Love, Jessie


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