We are coming to Vancouver MARCH 6TH @ 3 pm to play the Healthy Family Expo!! Folks bring your friends and family!! My band and I will be performing songs off of my family album,“Take me Outside”. Lots of the songs on this album are featured in a kids’ CBC television series, “Scout & The Gumboot kids” which airs weekday mornings on CBC for children across Canada. Come for a visit and to hear some of the familiar music! OMG… plus we have amazing giveaways!! I need to keep them a secret for now, but I’m really bad at keeping secrets so you’ll know about them really soon! Love you all and I’ll be… Singing with you soon! XO Jessie

You can download the music and get your kiddies familiar with the tunes before the show @ www.jessiefarrell.com

AND go to www.healthyfamilyexpo.com for tickets and giveaways!

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