From Millennials to Gen Z to Wendy’s lovers, these brands are doing what it takes to reach their target audience and we’re listening.

Here’s what happens when a New York Times, a scanner and an engineer meet in a dark corner

New York Times on February 25, 2017

Oakland-based artist Brandon Tauszik and the International Committee of the Red Cross used GIFs to bring the clashing communities of this divided street to life.

Ahmad Ibrahim Ali

Today we are excited to roll out our second generation device, EO2, a subscription service for art, Art Club, and a line of accessory frames.

#446- — — - by Daylen Seu

We can so specifically tie our favorite TV shows, movies, and songs to moments in our life. Why can’t we do it with art?

  1. Personalization: The belief…

Jessie Goldberg

A lot to say.

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