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Ok, so the issues here are. #1 the cop didnt taze him fast enough. #2 the cop shouldnt have shot and instead told the other officer to taze the guy. and #3 which i cant help but laught at. Once again we have someone NOT FOLLOWING COMMANDS BY AN OFFICER and walking to a vehicle and reaching inside of it, for what? a gun? they dont know!

You know the #1 reason why this guy is dead? You know the 1 thing he could have done to STILL be alive, right or wrong? it was FOLLOW the commands DONT walk to your vehicle and DONT reach inside.

You want me to recignise the cop shouldnt have shot(YET) Then you all need to recognize that had he followed orders he would be alive.

This will only get worse and the upcoming generation doesnt think anything matters but their opinion. Well guess what, A cop fearing for his life isnt going to care about YOUR OPINION when he kills you for fear of his life. He may end up in jail but you will STILL BE DEAD. So right or wrong is it worth it to push them and dont do what they say? Is being dead and proving you were right(that you wernt really a threat) worth losing your life? The hell is wrong with you people!

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