Griffon Graduates

As spring approaches, so does the end of the 2017 Graduates time at Missouri Western State University. Missouri Western holds a multitude of opportunities for its students including organizations, learning environments, and most importantly, the coveted Degree.

Four graduates, Matt Scholz, Makenna Snyder, Eli Dodge, and Cali Slaughter, have all completed their time here at MWSU and have had many enjoyable experiences.

Check out this video for more information about Missouri Western and what it has to offer.

Here is what the four of them have to say about their time as Griffons.

Why did you pick Missouri Western?

Matt: I liked the department the most out of the three different schools I looked at and they gave me the most scholarships.

Makenna: I picked Missouri Western because I’m from Kansas City so it was close to my family and whenever I came up to visit I liked who I interacted with and I didn’t know what I wanted to study. I think it was a good choice.

Eli: I picked Missouri Western because it was close to home, it was fairly inexpensive compared to a lot of other universities and I liked the campus overall. It has a pretty good sized campus compared to other universities.

Cali: I chose Missouri Western because they have one of the top physical therapist assistant programs here.

What is your major?

Matt: I did declare a major coming in as a freshman. I knew I wanted to do some kind of engineering. I decided I wanted to do manufacturing so I went ahead and declared it.

Makenna: I declared psychology my sophomore year.

Eli: I knew I wanted to do a pre-law track but I wasn’t sure what that entailed. I found out that you can pretty much major in anything you want to and then go to law school from there. I decided so that I knew I was on the right track to do criminal justice to stick with that pre-law track

Cali: I’m getting a bachelors in health and exercise science, I chose it to correlate with physical therapy.

What is something that has surprised you about Missouri Western?

Matt: I like how small the campus is and the fact that no matter where I’m going on campus there is someone I recognize. I can stop to have a brief conversation. Its not a big school where you wont know anybody walking to class.

Makenna: I think that Missouri Western gets a really bad rap for not being as much of a college town as some other bigger schools, because we have a lot of people who come in and commute. So I really have enjoyed getting involved on campus, getting involved in organizations, because I feel like I really got the college experience even though it is a smaller less expensive institution.

Eli: The thing that surprised me the most was how much of a community it is. You can’t walk anywhere without running into someone you know. I was surprised by how many connections I would make and how many people I would know by the time I graduated. I really didn’t expect that.

Cali: I’m surprised we don’t have more food options.

What is something memorable from your freshman year?

Matt: Probably going to my first fraternity party and the shot gun club was born there. I was sitting at the bar with older fraternity members. It was born on a napkin and that’s my favorite story to tell people.

Makenna: My freshman year I had a roommate that was very serious and she was studying biology and chemistry and I really liked to mess with her. And she would really like to pick up pennies off the sidewalk. So I would go out before she would walk to class and I would just throw pennies all over the ground for her to find on her way to class and she would come back at the end of the day and be really pleased that she found so many pennies that day, so that’s very memorable for me.

Eli: Whenever I went to hang out with my friends in V hall. We had what was known as Hallway Olympics.

Cali: Griffon Edge with the block party, the foam party, and meeting new people. I gained a lot of friends during that time and I wasn’t scared. When I moved here I didn’t know anybody and I hadn’t been to a new school since kindergarten. It was starting fresh it was relieving because it was starting a new page.

What is some advice you would give your freshman self?

Matt: To not be scared.

Makenna: You don’t know everything and that’s okay, I really thought I did and I really don’t.

Eli: Get more involved and connected.

Cali: Don’t give up because at times you might feel like it’s hard and you don’t want to do this anymore. You want to drop out, things could be way easier if you weren’t here, but don’t give up. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Now that I’m close to graduation I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Are there any teachers or people who have made an impact on you while here?

Matt: My last supervisor Neil Ross. He’s a great guy, he had a lot of life advice. We had a lot of one on ones where we talked about life and what we were doing. Hes older than me and wiser and had good advice.

Makenna: I’ve met some really great people through my RA position and classes that have really impacted me in life long friendships. They always say you meet your life long friends in college and I think that is true.

Eli: A lot of the teachers in my criminal justice classes have helped me, they’ve helped me learn about my future career and how to get there.

Cali: My professor Cosset Hardwick. I feel like I can talk to Cosset about anything she cared about not only my grades, but also my well being and health.

What are your plans after graduation?

Matt: I’m getting married and I’ll be working and I’ll be a design engineer for a smaller firm.

Makenna: I will be starting graduate school at Washington University School of Medicine for occupational therapy and moving to St. Louis and seeing what happens I guess.

Eli: I have an internship in Washington D.C. Ill go to D.C. for the summer and come back and take a year off before I go to law school in the fall of 2018.

Cali: I’m going to finish my last clinical back home and sitting for my boards in July. And then I’m thinking about traveling as a PTA or getting a job in Kansas City.

Any Final words about or for Missouri Western?

Matt: Our SGA President Alec Guy always talks about the Griffon family. And I think that’s one thing that a lot of people don’t recognize that Missouri western has because its a small campus. If you’re the least bit involved you’re gonna know people throughout the entire campus and that’s something that a lot of people miss.

Makenna: It’s been fun!

Eli: I think it gets a bad reputation in a lot of areas. People might say whatever they want to say, but it really offers you a lot.

Cali: I really do like this school, but it really stinks because every time I would get a roommate they would leave. If you don’t make the effort to get out there opportunities won’t come. Missouri Western has built me into the person that does that.

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