Journalism Matters

Journalism is a profession that continually gets a bad rep. People like to blame the media for spinning things negativity or for not having the correct facts. They are constantly blamed for taking sides in controversial topics as well.

What those angry citizens don’t realize is the importance journalism still holds. Without it there would be no way of communicating events to large amounts of people. Everything would be spread by word of mouth, and we all remember as children how well the game telephone worked.

Journalists are story tellers and they just want to share news with the rest of the world. They are the ones willing to go the extra mile to get the story. Citizens are not going to go outside of their homes in search of big stories to share with the rest of the world. They just happen upon news.

Journalism is important and in its truest form is unbiased. Reporters share facts, and it is up to the public how they want to interpret the information they are given. Blaming the messenger for the content of the news is not realistic or helpful.

Take a minute to picture what life would be like without journalism. No more news channels, gossip sites or articles to post and share on Facebook. No radio talk shows, social media sites or magazines.

Journalism is in everything we do in today’s society. Whether or not people want to admit it or realize it, they depend on journalism every single day.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so many other social media sites are the biggest source of news sharing we have today. One can’t go on the internet without reading some kind of news. Even apps have news on them now.

Take Snapchat for example. It used to be just about sharing pictures that will disappear in 10 seconds. Now, anyone can read and share articles from a wide variety of magazines and news sites.

Magazines like People or Cosmopolitan are some of the many news sources that use Snapchat to share content. They have adapted with the changes the digital age has brought.

People are always saying that journalism is dying and that the newspaper business will be done within so many years. I disagree with that idea. Society is always going to need a reliable source for news.

While print is something that has gone down hill with the up-rise of the internet, the content the paper produces is still important and desired by the public.

Journalism is an under-appreciated craft and society needs to realize that without it, the world would be severely lacking in education and communication.

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