Not a Black Chair.
Amélie Lamont

This resonates so much with me. My last job, I was sexually harassed by the boss, and when I didn’t return his affections, I was bullied, my desk moved into the hallway outside my empty office, everyone at the office stopped talking to me one by one. I kept on! I got demoted, I got a pay cut too! Lost my health insurance, and finally forced to resign. My self esteem was completely wrecked. I thought that I was unemployable, that no one would want me. I still have paralyzing moments but in 5 years at my new job I’ve come a long way but I had to rebuild my confidence from scratch. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I wish I had kept the communications from my boss as I would have had a lawsuit too but I’m not sure I had it in me anyway. I felt so drained.

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