Dance speaks to me

Dance is my creative outlet. Yes, it’s true that I’m learning posture, technique, balance, all those things, but I think the main thing dance has taught me is self-acceptance and expression.

The greatest feeling is traveling across the dance floor: scooping the air with the cups of my hands, turns 360 degrees in a swift motion, jumping over an imaginary arc curved like an upside-down smile, getting caught between the imbalance and balance of time and space. And the best part about this improvisation, the motions, the arcs, and the resistance of each body part, is the freedom to dance without being judged. Some people say, “Dance like nobody is watching.” To apply this thinking into to a routine is a difficult endeavor, but when achieved, the reward is great.

As humans, we often internalize our feelings and let them take over our life. With dance, you have the mobility to transcend, move, and express your emotions in a different medium. To be angry, flailing arms and quickened jumps; to be sad; a contraction and a sweep of the face; to be happy, over enthusiastic jumping mixed with zealous facials; to be a dancer. Use dance to portray any situation around the world and in life: the atrocities of world hunger; the refugees and war in Syria; the human construct of time; to be a dancer.

Sharing is important in the real world, so why not share the gift of dance through the amazing means of choreography? Choreography allows people to share their inner feelings, temptations, and inspirations with others. However, the choreography is never a one-way teaching style. Dancers take their knowledge and can interpret it in any way they like. Misinterpretation isn’t bad, and instead, it’s welcomed and often encouraged. In this mindset, there is not one right way to dance but infinite possibilities — none being wrong.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A dance is worth an infinite sum of words, phrases, and sentences. With this in mind, I invite you to close your eyes and think about how your creative expression through movement can have great effects on those around you.

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