Get at me in ten years when you realize why majority of people — a lot of whom are incredibly…
Stefanie Williams

Checking out this foul mouthed egocentric woman thing I’ve discovered not only is there nothing of intellectual interest or even captivating in anyway to see in her “writing” but it’s some of the most vile, rude, crude literature of malice and projection I’ve ever read that is blatantly coming from a very dark vacant soul named Stephanie Williams. Yet she feels so entitled and inclined to tear a struggling fellow writer down for being honest of the true struggles of millennial a that she could never fathom or comprehend in her own twenties. Our economy is the worst it’s ever been in three decades which would mean the millennials have never been entitled as Stephanie claims but that actually it’s Stephanie’s generation that had more entitlement…… that’s just simple math and history honey.