She who smiles like dancing.

The girl. Who was on the back of her father’s motorcycle. Smiled. The largest smile I have seen in my life.

There was a tree down on our path. We waited together for it to be cut away.

She who had warmness beyond the tropics couldn’t’ speak much english, but spoke “hello” smiled at me with eyes that said the sunshine is for dancing and I should get off the motorcycle to dance with her.

All I ever wanted was to have a family, a child like her, spend my most beautiful years being adored by you.

I could see her starting. As the fanned girl at the market. Held and loved near the onions, garlic, potatoes and root vegtables. Made of this tropical earth and settled.

I wanted your child to have this starting too.

Felt like I wasted my beauty.

My child bearing years going barren.

But today, Sunny, the man in the restaurant we went to for years together, said “you look happier than I have ever seen you. It’s good to see you so happy. I can see your face.”

And I feel like twirling, like the girl with the smile was my child and that I won’t miss anything again.

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