Don’t let A/B testing make your customers hate you
Kiki Schirr

Yeah I guess what they didn’t test is how many customers would choose to never sign up because there is no automated way to cancel membership.

This is one thing I always look for after being burned by Fabletics, where you have to have a membership to buy their clothes, then they make you CALL and talk to a sales person in order to cancel, or they keep charging you. Of course you have to tell the sales person a minimum of 5 times that you’re not interested and want to cancel your membership before they will actually do it. I just checked the site and this is something they are still doing, in 2016:

I always look for this now, and will never sign up for a service that makes you jump through hoops to cancel membership.

Perhaps it was something that I might have tried, and loved, if it weren’t for their horrible user experience.

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