Five months into COVID-19 lockdown & I actually feel like my mood is back to where it was pre-pandemic. But I didn’t do this alone. I wouldn’t be where (and who) I am today without mental health professionals, medication, treatment, family, & friends.

We aren’t going back to ‘normal’ any…

An open letter to well-intentioned healthcare professionals: think before you speak. Consider what you know of a patient’s history before reading off a script. One question or statement can erase years of trust.

At a recent medical appointment to check on my progress losing weight — something which has troubled…

This has been a hell of a week. I’ve been blown away by the courage and grace of Dr. Blasey Ford. And ashamed at our political and social system that values white boys above all others. I believe Dr. Blasey Ford. Not just because her story is credible. Not just…

Jessie Slater

science, sports, and cynicism

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