Jessie Weissman’s Career as a Prosecutor

Jessie Weissman is a former Florida prosecutor with an excellent reputation. She has years of experience and a comprehensive education from Stetson University College of Law.

Below are quotes from a 2017 interview with Jessie Weissman regarding her former career as prosecutor:

· First Experience

“I began in the legal field when I was about 17 years old,” Ms. Weissman said. “I started off not knowing anything about the law, and being nothing more than a file clerk . . . before long everyone saw that I had potential, and started including me on more substantive casework . . . By the time I had to stop working for them . . . they had me write a training manual for future clerks.”

· Intern Experience

“I took Advanced Criminal Trial Advocacy with Terence MacCarthy,” said Ms. Weissman. “Mr. MacCarthy is the gentleman who first started the Federal Defender Program to provide legal assistance to indigent persons accused of federal crimes. Mr. MacCarthy was so impressed by my performance that he offered me a position as a summer intern at the Federal Public Defender Office for the Northern District of Illinois.”

· Post-Graduation Experience

“As an Assistant State Attorney, I began in the misdemeanor division in the Sarasota office,” she recalled. “The cases that I primarily prosecuted were misdemeanor batteries/domestic violence, resisting arrest without violence, driving charges, petty thefts and possession of marijuana. I quickly learned that I love trials.”

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