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Crossrail: Inside Europe’s most ambitious engineering project

London England is constructing a new system of underground tunnels that will stretch for 35 miles. The idea is to connect the inner city to the outermost parts of the city so the traffic patterns will be a little easier. The $20 billion project has been started six years ago and the project is drawing to a close very soon.

Driving the $5 million Batmobile

The original batmobile from the television show in the 1960s is for sale. The original batman, Adam West was the first to drive the Lincoln Futura then in 1965 George Barris bought and restored it. In 2013 Barris put the car up for auction and the buyer is looking to sell it for $5 million.

FBI teams up with hackers to bust bank robbing botnet

The United States and England have teamed up to help try to stop a global network hack. The hack has effected the United States economy by $10 million. The FBI is seeking help from Andrey Ghinkul, a former hacker that tried to steal $1 million, and U.S attorney is trying to get Ghinkul back to the U.S.

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