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We‘re happy to return to our Developer Showcase with an introduction to Toronto-based developer Simon Stern. In addition to being a full-stack developer and consulting on React Native and AWS projects, Simon is investing in developing a new generation of developers at REDAcademy, where he leads the full-stack development department.

Simon only recently decided to give Expo a try, having shied away in the past. So we were particularly curious in getting his perspective, and to hear more broadly about his story. Without further ado, a little bit from Simon!


Q: What’s your tech origin story?

A: These days its fairly conventional to say I have an unconventional intro into tech, but that’s the truth! I have a university degree in biology, but teaching myself to code after that changed my life. …

We noticed that Android apps made with Expo are being removed by the Play Store because our Branch module is bundled in. To address this, we now exclude the Branch module from all Android builds.


We’re noticing that some folks are having problems even when rebuilding and resubmitting, and have found that it’s important to update your app on all release tracks in Google Play, not just production. See more details below.

*Please Read* — We recommend for users to write into Google and detail the situation for them. (How your old .apk(s) contained Branch, but your new one does not) Also, explicitly state the changes that you made to remedy the violation policy. We’ve found that users have had success getting their apps reinstated after doing so.

What’s happening

Expo developers started reporting this week that Android apps made with Expo are being removed from the Play Store with the message…

Follow along with programmer (and pilot!) Varun Nath as he walks us through cloning the Apple App-of-the-Day shared element transition in React Native.

Varun Nath is back (read more about his background) with another three-part video series, this time on cloning the shared element transition in the Apple App-of-the-day animation, covering:

Setting up the UI layout
Implementing the image animation
Completing the image animation

To follow along side-by-side, open up the Expo Snack examples and project files for each of the video tutorials.

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Setting up the user interface layout

We create the basic building blocks of our animation, styling our images and container. Open the project files to follow along.

Implementing the image animation

We finish building out the UI layout and implement the image animation.

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