Is it better to compete with the person next to you or the image in the mirror ? Some will say that as an athlete , you work better under pressure and comparative advantage brings out the best in a player . In the game of life should we worry more about one upping your neighbor or spending time creating and elevating yourself to your full potential . Clearly the mental state of an athlete is different than that of most when he or she is on the field or in the ring of any sort . That of a humanitarian or socialist doesn’t seem to compete with their neighbor instead a unique skill set is developed to enrich the lives of those around them .

Conversing with two Millennials while on the train had me thinking that we might be headed for the best decade of the century . While the 20 year old young women that I spoke with originally from Haiti has a trusted position at a major news agency going strong on multiple years and also learning a 4th language she is concerned about what she will do in the years ahead . Can we say that Faye is a promising example for our future ? Absolutely. The young gentleman sitting across from me is from a farm town Upstate . He runs cross country and is one of the first from his family to move to the city and attend a university . A communications major and comedian his approach to life is taking things as they come and focusing on right now and this very moment that we have . Tommy’s passion for entertainment doesn’t out shadow his drive to become a polished scholar and that is where he emphasizes his priority .

So what’s it all about ? A busy schedule and increasing pressure allows the best to develop . While the results under pressure might not be instantly visible ;the results either flatten or enhance performance in the future .