What are you waiting for ? I needed a boost . Even after almost a decade of intense cardio and plyometric training , there is always room for improvement when it comes to my workout performance. As a vegan and someone who is conscious of chemicals and artificial ingredients, I was thrilled to come across something that helped take my fitness to the next level .

After meeting David and his super friendly family , I was reintroduced to Spark from Advocare . The nutrients and B complex formula gave me exactly what I needed to break the plateau I needed to continue my fitness training for a huge marathon in NYC . I was reminded that we need to replenish our bodies after an intense workout .The Spark formula enhanced my cognitive clarity , provided increased stamina, and I saw the numbers on my race chart improve with my high intensity sprints.

If you are looking to change your body , change what you are putting in it . Thanks AdvoCarefor bringing my training back to peak performance.

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