Communicating with your Angels

Sometimes we are unaware of the signs and messages that are being given to us from our Guardian Angels, and the fact that they are communicating with us all of the time. Divine messages can come in a various number of ways but here are some specific signs that your Angels are trying to speak to you! Angels very often use number sequences to communicate with us. We call them Angel Numbers and with each number combination comes a different meaning. When you see repeating number sequences like the most common one 11:11 this is our Angels trying to get a message across . Be sure to write down any Angel numbers that you may get throughout the day and look up the meaning of them when you have time. Write down both the Angel Number as well as what you were doing when you first saw it. The Angel Number will give you specific insight to what you were doing or thinking about at the time that you noticed it. Angels also communicate with us while we are asleep. Keep a dream journal by your bed and when you wake up after having a dream write down everything that happened in the dream. Look up the meaning of each piece of your dream as seeing animals and some items hold a great significance to the meaning of the dream. We make our connection to our Angels through our sacred heart center using the energy of unconditional love. Because angels are beings of a higher vibration and a higher consciousness to communicate with them we need to raise our vibration. There are many ways to do this but the most common way is through meditation. Through meditation you can access higher states of consciousness. It is through these higher states of consciousness where channeling becomes possible. We must raise our vibration to a vibration that matches there’s to allow that channeled energy to flow through us. When we are in these states of higher consciousness our angels will communicate with us either through thought, feeling, images, smells or sounds. Each person communicates with their angels in a unique and different way. But no matter the way they choose to speak to you the important thing is that we receive the information clearly, and accurately. Now here is a channeling that is from my guide to you the reader. “ Dear Ones, we are always offering you support and divine love and light. Be aware Dearest Ones of synchronicity as their are no coincidences in life. We would like to call such serendipitous moments divine planning as this is exactly what it is. Pay close attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions at this time as they will offer you much needed insight and guide you along your path. We are always here offering you support all you must do is open your heart center and be ready to receive our guidance, messages and love for we are always surrounding you, and we are always connected to you through consciousness. You are very loved and supported along your path. Open your hearts and let the love from the Angelic Realm flow in. You are divine beings in every right and we honor that. We love you. Namaste” So keep an open mind and an open heart to any messages that come through and know that your angels unconditionally love you.

Written by Psychic Medium Jessika Vidal Johnson

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