How to identify and Protect yourself from Psychic Attack

By Psychic Medium and Starseed

Jessika Vidal-Johnson

Psychic Attack is very real , and it is happening to people all over the planet. I happen to have gone through this as well on a personal level. The first key to stopping psychic attack is to simply be aware that psychic attack is happening.

Here are some signs and symptoms of Psychic Attack

  1. Feeling physically or emotionally drained when you are around certain people. This can also manifest in pains in the body most commonly it can feel as if you are being stabbed in the back, ( which in a sense is what is happening on an energetic level) Also feeling faint or weak in the knees but not in a good way.
  2. Random spurts of bad luck. These incidents such as getting a traffic ticket, losing your debit card, or being gossiped about will come in 3’s. This is the universe manifesting the negative intentions that are being sent to you by the power of 3.
  3. Finding suddenly that you have a strange medical or psychological condition when your whole life you have been very healthy.
  4. Having repeating fear based dreams of a specific person that you have had conflict with in the past. Or seeing shadows in your home or around you when you never had noticed them before.
  5. Knowing that someone is dangerously jealous of you and either wants to take from you or destroy what you already have. People can psychically attack you both on a conscious level and as a subconscious level as well so knowing who your enemies are is very important. Do not keep your enemies closer than your friends! I don’t know why people think that this is a good idea. Banish, and keep away harmful people from your experience. Most of the time removing our enemies from our lives by walking away , we actually can cure the problem altogether itself.
  6. Getting messages from your guides that you are being attacked , or feeling that you have been cursed. When we think this most of the time it is true. Our subconscious is picking up on the energies that are harming us, and our intuition lets us know that something is not right. Not to make you afraid but Curses and hexes are very very real due to the many aspects to them. Not only is it lower vibrational energies being used and directed at people but it also involves in the art of commanding spirits to follow out an order. I am pretty sure that it was evil that said only if you believe in curses can they then affect you. This can’t be farther from the truth. In my experience of what I have seen and felt it is those who do not think that they can be effected by a curse who are effected the fastest and the most. Now I do have to say that you vibrate on a higher frequency then these lower vibrational energies than no they can not affect you, however this can not be achieved by simply choosing not to believe in something. Energy is energy, and science tells us that it can be neither created or destroyed, only transformed and transmuted.

Once you have identified that you are being attacked on an energetic level is the first step to being able to guard yourself from it. Here are some ways that you can do this.

  1. 1. Do a meditation every morning grounding yourself to the earth’s energy. Focus on raising your vibration to a frequency where these lower vibrational energies can not affect you! While grounding yourself call upon Archangel Michael to aid you in putting up a thick wall of Psychic protection. Here is a link to a great Archangel Michael Psychic Protection Meditation.
  2. 2. Physically put your hands out around you and state out loud “ this is my personal space, nothing and no one can enter my energy field without my given consent. Amen”
  3. Asking your guides to help you raise your vibration high enough so that you are not affected by these lower vibrational energies.
  4. Removing toxic, sociopathic and narcissistic people from your life completely, and taking back any of your own personal power that you have consciously or unconsciously given up to them.

5. Pray for Protection. Which is the above photo.

6. Wear a protective amulet, in the shape of the all seeing eye, or wearing a black obsidian on you daily will help to prevent from harmful energies latching onto you.

7. After doing steps 1 through 6 if you still feel that you are being attacked you can do a return to sender spell. Simply carve Return to Sender on a black candle as many times as you can fit the words. Roll the candle in red pepper flakes and olive oil. Then light the candle and say 3 times. “That which has been sent to me I return to thee, by the power of 3 this energy does not belong to me!” Magic should only be used as a last resort everyone! It is not a joke and we don’t want to be throwing energies around carelessly it is very dangerous unless you know what you are doing. THIS IS A DEFENSIVE SPELL AND SHOULD ONLY BE USED AS A LAST RESORT TO RID YOURSELF AND PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE NEGATIVE INTENTIONS OF OTHERS! As energy in itself is neither good nor bad, it is our intention to use it which can make it Dark. Make sure that your intention for doing this spell is simply from a place of defending yourself, not attacking other people.

I hope that this information helps you if any of you are suffering from the effects of Psychic Attack.

In dedication to my Paranormal Investigation Team Spirits R US

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