The Power of Love

By Psychic Medium and Starseed

Jessika Vidal-Johnson

Dear Ones, we come to you today in the name of love. We want you to understand dearest ones that love is the most powerful form of energy and magic in the universe. Through divine love all things in the universe were created. This divine love exists inside of you and it connects you to all that is and all that has ever been. Many of you experience a great deal of suffering, adversity and indifference in your lives. Every experience which you deem to be difficult has something very important to teach you. It is a lesson about love. Whether we are learning how to better accept love , give love, love ourselves, or love others each lesson still shares the same truth. When we feel hurt we tend to project blame outwards onto other people making them the cause of our pain. What is not being understood is that the pain is only a manifestation of a part of yourself that is lacking self love. When we truly love, accept , and honor ourselves no matter what others do to us we are not affected. Identifying why you feel hurt and where this lack of self love is originating from is so important when it comes to moving forward through trauma. This is what we want to teach you about love dearest ones. It is love that is the diagnosis , the treatment , and the cure for all ailments , all disease, and all misfortune in life. It is love that not only unites together in total and complete oneness but it is love that will transform all of the issues in your personal lives and on the planet right now. Every adversity that exists no matter how large or small can be overcome through the healing power of love. Love transmutes all darkness back into light. So love your enemies , love those around you but above all most precious souls love yourselves. Many of you so desperately want to manifest love in your lives in all areas but what we want to teach you today beautiful souls is that love first must be felt and experienced on the inside before it can be manifested and reflected outwards. So we say to you right now in this very moment to choose to live with love. Right now every word that you speak , speak it with love. In this moment every thought that you think , think it with love, and at this time every action you take do so with love. By doing this you will attract more love into your experience both inside yourselves and outwards all around you. Take the time to examine what areas of your life could use a little more love. Give these areas the love that they deserve and watch them transform for the better. The better we love ourselves the easier it is to experience love in our lives and on the planet. Divine love is infinite, and there is an unlimited supply of it in the universe. You can never love to much and you can never be loved to much. Please know that this divine love is your birthright. You are entitled to all of the love in the universe. You deserve all of the love that you have in your experience now, and all of the love that is to come into your reality. When you want to heal anything whether it is a physical ailment , or an emotional one send it love. Send it love, send it love and send it more love. This is the only way we can truly cure anything in our lives and it is done through the power of love. Understand that love is not jealous, it does not come with condition, and it is not only for those of you who you perceive to be good people or righteous. Everyone even your worst enemy is entitled to be loved. Know that the only thing that can deliver those from darkness is love. Instead of cursing our enemies we should be thanking them for showing us what negativity and in balance is. In higher dimensional realities love is all that is and all that exists. Heaven is a place where your soul goes to experience the highest and purest forms of love , acceptance and peace. When you ascend you will remain in divine love and will follow naturally the will of divine creator. All that ever will be done will be for the highest good of all. You will be connected in consciousness , in spirit and in oneness with divine creator and will all that is. Religions on your planets imply that you are separate from the divine and that only through devotion, prayer and repentance will you be able to be reunited with God. This can not be farther from the truth. You are not ever separate from the divine as the divine already exists inside of you. This is the divine spark in which you call your soul. You are one with divine creator always and through being devoted to yourselves, through faith and prayer, and not through repentance but instead through self forgiveness and acceptance. To ask the divine to be forgiven implies that you are indeed being judged. Divine creator does not judge. It is we and only we who judge ourselves and judge others. However this does not mean that you can walk around hurting others and that their will be no consequence. In truth when we hurt others we truly are hurting ourselves even more than anything that we could do to another person. Karma is real so make every action in your lives dear ones with love to attract positive karmatic energies into your experience. We want you to understand dear ones that the divine is not vengeful and does not smite those who make mistakes. Life is merely a hologram for learning and it is expected to make mistakes. What is important is learning from what we perceive to be mistakes and to move on from them with love. The only time we truly fail in life is if we do not learn from our mistakes and make appropriate changes. Understand loved ones that God will not smite you. God will simply just love you. Divine creator wants only the best for us. God does not want suffering, and God does not cause it. As your beloved teacher Jesus said to create Heaven upon Earth. You can do this! Choose love and peace over than suffering. Look at your life through the eyes of a child once again detached from your emotions. See that you have the choice! Manifest your dreams here in the now, there is no delay in this. Create your own unique heaven upon Earth and do this now by choosing to live in this very moment with love. Know that more love and happiness is on its way and it starts by being felt in the present moment right now. One of our favorite things about the human race is its ability to love and to create more love across your planet. Love is the one truth, and it is what unites every person of every race on mother Gaia. Love is the answer to all of your prayers. Love is all that is. So right now move forward with love. Take some time today to send love to your planet, send love to your enemies, send love to your family and friends, send love to all animals, but most of all give love to yourself. You all deserve it each and every one of you. We leave you now with smiles upon our faces as we know and see the divine potential inside each and every one of you. Namaste.”

A channeled message from the Angels just for all of you. Be brave and live with love!

Written by Psychic Medium and Starseed Jessika Vidal-Johnson

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