The importance self-knowledge

Waking up early and sleeping later every day and spending hours studying including weekends are work lovers’ habits when we find what we truly love, we don’t care how many hours.

What matters is to do what we love, but some people still have not found what they truly love to do, so it is very hard to be happy and motivated every day.

Currently, there are many young people seeking their real vocation, they do not know what they want and where they want to go, so self-knowledge is very important to our career. Discovering what we love is essential for our future and our happiness, so, how about try new things and keep your mind open to new experiences? It’s a good idea.

Already thought in to participate of volunteer works? Have you ever thought about participating in volunteer work?

Doing different course such as culinary, music, idioms, gardening, design, programming, practicing sports could help you develop different skills, and help you will find your real vocation.

I found what I love to do during a programming course, so I did my first system and was very happy, so I followed the IT career doing more courses and specializations each day and applying such skills in each project always trying to the better. So never be afraid to try something different. Today I can help people through technology to solve problems of companies and this motivates me every day. I love my work! and you?

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