5 Reasons Cosplayers Should Follow Jessipaige Eff-X!

This is Cosplay Katie and she wants to learn how to apply make-ups for her future cosplays, but where can she find that? Who can she learn from? Well, she can go to Jessipaige Eff-X on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/jessipaigeeffx

And here are 5 reasons why she is perfect for Cosplay Katie:

  1. Jessipaige Eff-X does make-up tutorials that are simple and easy to watch and they’re short so it won’t take a lot of your time away from your daily life
  2. She focuses her videos around pop culture characters, comic books, video games, and the perfect characters for cosplay
  3. She even does some cosplaying herself, so not only does she show you the make-ups, she will also tell you simple tips to finish the costume!
  4. She is up for suggestions and always up for the challenge of any new make-up ideas
  5. She’s all around a nice girl/ awesome!

Written by: Jessica O’Connor, Kiley McDaniels, Lily Murray, and Hannah Jacobs

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