Our Country Divided

I would like to start off by saying that I have always identified myself as a liberal democrat. I have voted democrat my entire life (except for this past election), and I am truly embarrassed with how everyone is behaving and how much hate is being spewed against Trump supporters. What happened to the party of tolerance and acceptance and love that I once felt apart of? This past year I took it upon myself to try and find out.

I decided that I should start actually doing some research on my own party to see what great, or not so great, things had been accomplished because honestly I was not paying as close of attention as I did to the Republican party, which I had always been adamantly against. Stepping outside of my comfortable Democrat bubble allowed me to open my eyes and get a new perspective on politics. With this new perspective, I began to ask myself, where was everyone when President Obama spent the last 8 years in perpetual war, literally dropping a bomb every 20 minutes? Where was everyone when he sold his soul and signed the Dark Act on behalf of Monsanto which now allows for GMO’s to go unlabeled so we no longer know what is in the foods that we are eating? Where was everyone when President Obama was making the biggest arms deals since World War II to countries in the Middle East? And where was everyone’s outrage when Americans died in Benghazi because the Obama administration didn’t take their repeated requests for additional security seriously?

Which leads me to this past weekend’s Women’s March…

While the march signified different things for different people, it appeared from the Women’s March speeches and some of the chanting within the crowds that it was an anti-trump rally and those who embodied different values and beliefs were not welcome. While I understand people are upset and in complete and utter shock that Donald Trump won the Presidency, I do not understand how people could have so much hate for a person, his family and his supporters. I recognize the disgust people feel over President Trumps past inappropriate comments towards women and I have yet to meet anyone who condones his behavior, but my question is where was the disgust when Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were behaving similar if not worse? There is a double standard at play here and I can only hope people begin to recognize it.

Where was the march against President Clinton when he engaged in an extramarital affair with an intern while in the oval office?

Where was the march when 26 documented cases were reported of President Clinton flying on the “Lolita Express”, an underage sex operation which was run by convicted pedophile Jefferey Epstein?

Where was the march when Hillary blamed a 12 year old victim in court for being raped?

Where was the march when people found out that Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin and her family have strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood — radical Muslims professing allegiance to Sharia law which condones, honor killings, imprisoning rape victims, and murdering homosexuals?

Where was the march when Hillary received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, a country that supports beatings and torture of women and gays provides financial support to ISIS ?

Where was the march when Hillary called Jewish people ‘Jew-bastards’ or African Americans ‘super predators’ that need to be ‘brought to heel’?

And where was the march when Bernie Sanders got screwed by the DNC?

Do people even know who was supporting this women’s march or what this march was truly about? Does anyone know who George Soros is? He is a billionaire, a Nazi collaborator, who was one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the reason behind several organized protests that seek to divide our country and spread hate. He is the reason behind the Black Lives Matter movement which promotes destruction of property and violence against police officers. He paid protesters to take to the streets after President Trump won the election. And he was the reason behind this past weekend’s women’s march, he sponsored 50 groups with large sums of money to show up and protest. He has control over the Democratic Party and is doing whatever he can to undermine Trump’s presidency.

I wish the march over the weekend would have been about the women who truly are oppressed around the world and less about women who feel victimized because the candidate they didn’t support was elected president. I would hope that the march would have been about the 4.5 million women and children who are sex trafficked each year throughout the world, including in this country. I would hope that the march would have been about the millions of women who truly do not have freedoms, who cannot drive, or vote, or leave the house without a man accompanying them or who are victims of rape and abuse, etc. Unfortunately, it seems like this march was a mix between a Trump protest and a Planned Parenthood rally. Which leads me to wonder, do people even know the history of Planned Parenthood? The organization began as a eugenics movement and sought to selectively weed out people of color. This very same organization admittedly earns private funding by means of selling aborted fetuses and still receives 500 million dollars a year in tax payers’ money. And although Planned Parenthood offers many great services and resources to women, isn’t it important to ask legitimate questions and look at the finances of this organization that is structured as a nonprofit? Does an organization which consistently nets tens of millions of dollars in profit annually actually truly need additional taxpayer funding?

Do I feel that President Trump is perfect? No! Has Trump said some really ugly, inappropriate things about women? Yes! Does he have a big ego and bombastic personality? Yes! Are these reasons why people voted for him? Absolutely Not! People voted for him because they believe in his vision of our county’s future. People voted for him for similar reasons that they supported Bernie Sanders. He is not a bought politician and part of the corrupt establishment. People voted for him because he is for parental rights, individual liberties and for the people of this country. People voted for him because he is not a career politician.

So while many continue to spew hateful rhetoric about President Trump and his supporters, it is important to remember that we all want a better county and a better future for our children. If just half the energy was spent on trying to understand one-another and have meaningful conversations rather than bashing each-other, then just maybe we could in fact live in a more peaceful country. Believe it or not, we have more in common with one another than the media wants us to believe.