An Open Letter to Jerry Falwell Jr.

Dear Mr. Falwell Jr.,

As President of the Christian Liberty University, you have endorsed Donald Trump, and more recently compared him to America’s “King David.” In light of these inexplicable actions, I thought it imperative to share my thoughts on your stances. Lowly though I am, as a civilian who presides over no Christian university, I nevertheless have a passing familiarity with the Bible. Something you, apparently, lack.

One quote in particular seems an appropriately apt place to begin. In your interview with Liberty’s student newspaper, you said this about why you support Trump: “You have to choose the leader that would make the best king or president and not necessarily someone who would be a good pastor.”

Let’s break this statement down, one idiotic chunk at a time, shall we Jerry?

Now, in days of old, citizens did not vote for “kings.” But you did commit the very epitome of a Freudian slip in admitting Trump would be more like a supreme leader than an elected official. And having firsthand experience with the Trumpkin army riding along the hateful Twitter #TrumpTrain, I can attest that many of his supporters also view their candidate along kingly lines.

But let’s say your suggestion of voting for a “king” was just an honest mistake. What else came to light in that interview?

There is this: “God called David a man after his own heart, even though he was an adulterer and murderer.”

So true, Jerry. So true.

One key fact in God’s assessment does appear to have slipped your notice, though. King David, when confronted with his pair of sins, expressed regret and sorrow in quantities that may only be described with the words “sincere” and “heartfelt.”

From II Samuel, 12:13: “Then David said to Nathan, ‘I have sinned against Yawheh!’”

You see, Jerry, David recognized and confessed he had sinned. David went on to weep and fast and beg for mercy.

If you can imagine, Jerry, your beloved Trump doing anything of the sort, please let me know. Especially as Trump said, in a post-Liberty visit interview, “I don’t think I have.”

That would be, Trump doesn’t “think” he has ever asked for forgiveness. He doesn’t “bring God into that picture.”

Here’s another key difference, Jerry, between Trump and King David. While David felt deep remorse for his sin, Trump brags about his.

A few choice quotes might help you out here. These are just a small sampling of Trump’s views on his infidelity, and women in general.

Quote One: “If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller.”

Quote Two: “There’s nothing I love more than women, but they’re really a lot different than portrayed. They are far worse than men, far more aggressive, and boy, can they be smart.”

Quote Three: (about beauty pageants): “Nobody cares about the talent. There’s only one talent you care about, and that’s the look talent. You don’t give a shit if a girl can play a violin like the greatest violinist in the world. You want to know what does she look like.”

Whoops! Sorry about that s-word. I know at a Christian university, you probably don’t encourage that kind of language. You don’t want your own kids or students to be crass or vulgar.

And you know, Jerry, I don’t want my kids to be crass or vulgar either. Funnily enough, that’s part of why I don’t support Trump! But only part. A really small part, actually.

There’s also his celebration of greed. Which is listed as one of the seven deadly sins, but who’s keeping track, right Jerry?

Here’s what Trump said after winning the Republican primary in Nevada: “All my life, my whole life, I’ve been greedy, greedy with money.”

What was it Jesus said? Luke 16:13: “You can’t serve both God and money.”

But here’s the thing, old buddy, old pal. I’m pretty sure your support of Trump has little to do with him bringing back “economic” good times (which is a pretty shitty reason to excuse his myriad other faults, but hey! We gotta make a buck, right, Jerry?).

It sounds like you’re more enamored with the alter-ego Trump represents. Here’s a guy who goes around saying whatever he wants, sleeping with whoever he wants, telling off whoever he wants, wearing his joint badges of racism and sexism with wanton pride. And you know, Jerry, he’s got that BIG 757 plane. You sounded downright enamored with his private set of sky wheels. Just like, IN AWE, of King Trump.

In case you forgot, here are your own words: “He’s got this big living room with this big screen TV. He’s got a master bedroom he showed us. Then he let my son and his wife actually sit in the cockpit to take off because my son’s a pilot. Then we sat there with him the whole time, just across the table.”

Wow, Jerry. I mean. Wow! That big ‘ol private plane. I mean… King Trump, or what, you know what I’m saying?

Look, I know it’s hard trying to pretend to care about humility and virtue. It’s hard to stay faithful to one woman. It’s really hard to live a life out of the spotlight, slaving away for ungrateful young adults who are slumming around your well-funded campus on Mom and Dad’s dime. I know you’ve got this tough, tough “Christian” life you’re chained to, and Trump represents this wild, liberated freedom to just, like, BE a real man.

You and Sean Hannity both, who I learned you texted right before you sat down with Donald Trump. Which means, I guess, that you know him personally. Right, Jerry? You’re on a first name basis with Sean Hannity.

Well, why not? I mean, really. Why not a Christian University President who chats with a Fox News host on a regular basis? I mean, what’s a little nepotism and media power? What’s a little bro-ing it up with the most bro-some dude in all of cable news?

But I think mixing this kind of thing is bad news for Christian values, Jerry. I really believe you should do what Trump’s planning on doing himself after losing on Novemeber 2nd:

Sign on as a Fox News contributor. It would be a great gig, and you can hang with your bro pals, Sean and Donald.

And you can leave God out of it. Which would really benefit all of us out here who are trying to take the Bible seriously.

What do you say, Jerry? Go all in on the media connections and power. Do it! We’ll support you. 100%.

But if you do decide to stay on at Liberty, I have a small suggestion. Watch that scene from It’s a Wonderful Life, the one where old Mr. Potter invites George Bailey into his cushy office for a talk about the comfy lifestyle Mr. Potter wants to give him. Take a job with me, says Potter. Buy yourself a big house, take a few nice vacations, retire with a hefty savings account.

All you have to do is stop giving pitiful little loans to working class men and women.

All you have to do is sell out.

You know how George responds. He wavers, but only for a minute. Then he tells Mr. Potter where he can stick it, and goes back to living his very average lifestyle.

A lifestyle of goodness, generosity, and love.

Trump’s your Mr. Potter, and this is your George Bailey moment. Snuff out the cigar, find wherever it is your dignity has been hiding, and tell Donald Trump where he can stick his greedy, amoral, racist, sexist, lying presidential aspirations.

Best of Luck,

Disgusted Average Christian

Originally published here at The Good Men Project

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