10 Best Instagram Accounts To Keep Up With Current Events

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From scrolling through social media to reading the daily news spotlight in the morning, you can feel suffocated sometimes. Like a dream, cycling heartbreak, chills, and disappointment, it is human to feel exhausted. Since the pandemic broke out, a lot has happened, and it is completely okay if you do not know how to respond to the rising hate crimes or issues coming to light. With a myriad of news rushing to us at once, it can get overwhelming, and you are not the only one to feel stunned throughout all of this. Whether you are looking for more updated news or want to get started on advocating (but don’t know how), I have listed a few of my favorite Instagram activism accounts as a resource during this time, when being educated and kept-up are crucial.


With the ongoing trends regarding hate crimes and violence towards individuals who appear as “foreigners”, this account is a gift to many. Striving to dismantle racism and any form of hate, they create a welcoming community for those with the same passion. Hosting fundraisers and featuring guests on a weekly basis, they break down specific prejudices interwoven within history. They aim to be heard and convey that your voice is more powerful than you may think.


From discussing trans issues to gender equality to sexual harassment, Impact has it all. Shining light on the matters that the mainstream media overlooks, they push you to realize the reality of the world at this very moment. With such serious topics being thrown to the back of the bus, they make sure that they are shared and properly conveyed to the public. It is such a powerful and impactful account, all at once.


Anti-Racism Daily: sending one email a day to dismantle white supremacy. While conveying the lingering racism still present in the world, they make sure to cover the entire surface with past context. Informing the public about the history of words, racism, and systemic oppression, they regularly post multiple short reads every week that are definitely worth your time.


Looking for a virtual hug or wanting to keep up with modern issues? This account is a gem that can help you get through your low self-confidence ruts while being up-to-date at the same time. All about portraying self-love, spreading inclusivity, and highlighting the voices of minority groups, they are serious when they say they are “empowering you through knowledge”.


One word: inspirational. As a first-generation Asian American, Saira is not afraid to express her admiration for her culture and use her voice to advocate for mental health and social justice. Here, allow me to show you the titles of a few of her posts — “Addressing anti-blackness in the Asian American community”; “Never apologize for where you came from”; “Seeing a therapist is a human right, not a privilege.” Looking for more? I guess you’ll need to hop right to her page! Not to mention, her account is out-of-this-world. Seriously. Her posts are mesmerizing and the content gives it the perfect full package.


If you’re looking for an account that showcases doodles and mental health, this is the page for you. Jain, the owner of the account, raises awareness of important issues through mini-stories suitable for “kidults”, or as they say, “the grown up child in all of us”. It is full of guides and stories and, of course, personality.


In addition to talking about disheartening matters, Zenerations pushes you to take initiative and make a change. Aiming to fuel Gen Z change-makers (and every human being), they teach you how to take action and go beyond posting on social media, including self-improvement and overcoming one-sided narratives. From guides, to articles, to even projects, they are the epitome of empowering and welcoming those who want to help but don’t know how to.


Body appreciation. Eating disorders. Self-confidence. Mental illness. This account covers everything and more. Amplifying diverse voices, they explore social issues in an accessible and welcoming environment. They are blunt and open, but they show the importance of forgiving and learning. Focusing on the progress, they feature individuals to share their stories in a safe community where no one feels alone.


The school curriculum has been involved in numerous heated controversies, ranging from the lack of diversity in class material to discriminatory books. As an anti-bias/anti-racist educator, Kleinrock seeks modifications to be made in the US education system and important practices that should be put in place in the classroom. She indicates how important it is for teachers (and non-teachers) to properly educate children on modern issues and provide different perspectives in a safe, respectful way. Hands down, my favorite account of all time.


Welcome to a place for you to feel more hopeful and do more good. Because constantly reading about discouraging news that crushes your hopes for humanity can get heavy, they share a plethora of good news that can make your heart feel full. Their account is a happy and informative place where you can enjoy the good things all at once, while being in the scoop on important issues.

As a reminder, please only read as much as your heart can take. Keeping up with the news is important, but your mental health is number one. When you are doing your part in advocating for yourself and those around you, remember to take a break and get a hold of your emotions. As you choose to live in the present and use your voice for individuals who cannot do the same, I hope that at least one of these accounts can keep you company during your journey.



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Jessica Li

Jessica Li

Jessica is a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in biological sciences with a concentration in biochemistry and minoring in creative writing.